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These are factory Blu-Ray titles I own.
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These are Japanese films from around the 60s. I have collected these partially because I lived there during that time, but also to examine the style and look of the culture as reflected in it's films from that era.
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These titles are my favourite eye candy films. You are killing 2 hours with some great visual and aural stimuli. Almost all titles on this list I have watched at least 5 times.
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Movies rescued from obscurity. High quality DVD transfers.
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These films feature outstanding cinematography. You could watch them without audio and still be captivated.
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Pre-1960 Films.
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The number of movies I own in my personal collection as of 2016 is 686. Many I own are above-average films that have some redeeming aspect to them. Others I own because of some personal connection with the film despite it's flaws. Some movies definitely belong in the 'Camp' category. It is hard to decide what belongs in my 'pantheon', but here's a few and my reasons they are a "must see"
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ACTION - Titles include most big budget tentpole releases and superhero films. For some films that are generally forgettable except for the action scenes, I have compiled just the action scenes on to a separate DVD. [As indicated in brackets]
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These are films where I have created a new custom edit to fix the original film's flaws, (or restore a rare version).
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Movies large in scale and running time.
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These are movies that I originally saw in the theatre when I was in high school and college.
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Films involving politcal intrigue.
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This category is for big budget summer movies that are not meant to be anything more than rollercoaster rides (good action and/or effects).
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These are movies that have as a main centerpiece at least one extended car chase scene.
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Woody has made about 600 movies, these are the cream of the crop.
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Films that were generally panned or seeming out of place in my collection. These titles have a certain appeal for me.