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Filmes que quero assistir, mas não acho em lugar nenhum (ou quase).
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a list of 50 people
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only living directors
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Shorts in the end of the list.
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from the book by J. Hoberman and Jonathan Rosenbaum

Missing films:
Andy Warhol - Afternoon
Ken Jacobs - Baud'larian Capers
?? - Comedome-1
Deep Throat*
John Waters - Dorothy, The Kansas City Pothead (unfinished)
George Romero - Expostulations
Andy Warhol - Face
Michael Putnam - The Hard Swing
Eric Mitchell - Kidnapped
Andy Warhol - Prison
Vernon Zimmermann - To L.A….with Lust

*Apparently, IMDB blocks the addition of films with adult content
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Great directors' one great film
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