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Baboona (1935)
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Interesting documentary view of early African continent, 9 August 2001

This film is also known as "Bride of the Beast," a misleading title at best. A wealthy American couple travelled across the "dark continent" in two airplanes during the 30's, gathering footage wherever they went. The result is a compilation of film clips that show what Africa was like in its more primitive state, complete with hokey running commentary by the husband and some obviously staged "animal adventures." There's no story, no drama, no plot--just a series of edited scenes of animals, landscape, and natives gathered from the plane and on the ground. If you liked the old TV program Wild Kingdom, you'll enjoy this in the same way.

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A great "party film", 26 April 2001

This film is so sleazy that you'll want to take a shower after watching it--and that's exactly what makes it so much fun. There's something here to offend and repulse everyone. It's the story of a southern white trash party girl looking for thrills, who lures a virtuous young black guy into destruction, along the way having some unforgettable sexual encounters with (a) a crooked tent-revival preacher, (b) a sadistic motorcycle gang leader, and (c) her own alcoholic father. Cheap production values and obvious first-timer acting only add to the sleazy atmosphere. Crack open a beer and enjoy!

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White-trash exploitation at its best!, 26 April 2001

Common-law Wife is a sleazy exploitation drive-in movie that is so awful it's good. The story is about a cheap dancer named Jonelle--nicknamed Baby Doll--who returns to her small southern home town to shack up with her aging, wealthy Uncle Shug, who has just kicked out his longtime live-in girlfriend Linda. Unfortunately for Baby Doll, Linda claims she is Uncle Shug's "common-law wife," and she refuses to leave. While Uncle Shug tries to straighten things out at the mansion, Baby Doll has sexual encounters with her brother-in-law Sheriff Jody, and with a swamp-livin', moonshine-makin' bruiser named Bull. The ending is unexpected and memorable. Great fun!