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Accidentally rented this movie, 16 March 2008

This is bad. BAD movie. I didn't realize the Block Buster had section for B Movies.

I agree that actors were not at fault with this. Problem is, they tried to make up low budget with CGI. The writer should be sent back to writer school. I felt it was written with little understanding what they were writing about. Battleship's handling submarines? American's using Russian Nuclear Submarines?

Kookie billionarie, wants nuke the world and make them live under the seas in ruins of a ancient civilization, thinking hiding under the sea is after destroying surface of the planet will result in better society? Unless your one those people who see this film as potential movie to use old Mystery Science Theater 3000 dialog. Stay away from this film, its not worth the rental. Maybe laugh at writer's cheap gimmick movie.

Juno (2007)
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Juno great comedy and social movie about relationships, 15 December 2007

I took my gf to this movie, it was great.

The movie struck me as it dug into my psychie movie on how you perceive the world and the relationships we have. Not everything is what it seems. The director/write did great job putting this together, from the cast to dialog story itself. Emotional roller-coaster that Juno has to go thru, dealing with issues which would not normally be dealt with with her tender age.

Only quirks i though were little unusual, was Juno herself was incredibly rare. A girl, 16 into so many old old rockin roll (1970s) and pop culture things stuck me being cool but high unlikely. However, its still movie not suppose to be dead on. Specially in comedy.

Great movie, sharp pop-cultured dialog and great story telling. Anyone who isn't up on the their pop-culture however, maybe thrown off by the dialog and not understand whats people are talking about.

Epic Movie (2007)
Waste of time, 4 February 2007

I can't believe they thought this movie was worth producing. It maybe the number 1 in box office, doesn't make it a good movie. Just a lot people who thought it was 21st Century's version of Airplane (type parody). Sorry, I think pop culture spoofing of other movies are generally good when its actually done with someone who actually has talent in writing funny things.

That was simply a stupid filler movie with bits for 2007. With very few bits that were funny enough to smirk. I've seen TV original comedy movies, like example Men in White, being funnier than this train wreck of a movie. It could be just sign of me getting old, but only people generally laughing in theater was teenagers who properly haven't seen a decent comedy movie before.

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Good Family and basic lightweight Comedy, 23 December 2006

I and my girlfriend wanted to see a nice comedy. We got it.

This isn't like the heavy, edgier comedies that have come out within last couple years. This is a mice and balance comedy, that isn't too wishy washie for people whom don't care for "bland" comedies.

Stiller is top notch for the father and everyday man. A lot surprises and funny moments for kids and adults alike. Its nice seeing him play the straight man for once. With all his Edgier/"dare i say stupid" comedy movies he's done in the past. This was certainly nice change pace.

Good Flick, lite plot, but don't get too picky. Take as it is.

Its heck of nice advertising movie for museums and history!

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Old Fashion Kind of Movie, 22 November 2006

This was great movie, little goofy for some people.

Bringing the (semi-fictional) Radio Show's last night on the air to life was wonderful. Such great cast with great chemistry.

I think Kevin Kline's sense humor was bit over the top, but his character fin with the unusual cast. With improving seem to make it better.

I think its was good ending to Mr. Altman's career. I wish he was able to continue "rebeling" as he did in this film. Against the big movie companies that made movies just another product and not something better or more.

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Old & forgotten cartoon show that Cars (Movie -2006) resembles, 29 August 2006

This was one the many quaint and amusing cartoon shows produced in the 70s. The art was so-so, among 2nd to the last American made cartoons.

I watched this show as it was aired on its Saturday morning cartoon slot. (yes i am old.)

One of the lesser known things about this show is that character known as Chopper (voiced by Frank Welker) seem to carry-on beyond this show. Chopper (aka a talking, winter hat wearing chopper motorcycle) and leader of gang had this particular speak-problem. A lisp when he talked that sounded like a mechanical "cha-pa" kind noise, sounding like a motor sputter. This was some how carried over to the a early 1990s cartoon character in show named "Bonic Six" and again character's name was Chopper.

The 2006 Pixar movie, Cars, has strong resemblance to this old cartoon.

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2nd Short life of Muppets on Television, 2 April 2006

The Muppets Tonight was 1st serious attempt to make a dedicated television show for the Muppets. It was different, and it had potential. The guest stars of amazing quality, and new spin on how original Muppet Show was done.

However, it had to deal with changed world. After 2 brief seasons, Oklahoma City bombing accrued. Which rattled America, and it was key factors of the cancellation of the this young and potential show. The episode which was to be are, if memory services right few weeks after the bombing, introduced an old character. Crazy Harry, one of the Muppet show's original characters, a mad bomber. Television executives made the decision that this was too much and too soon after the Oklahoma bombing, so the squashed the episode.

Later entire show was squashed. America changed, it became hyper sensitive about its viewing content on Television. Thus, Muppet Tonight one of its very first victims. Disney owned show transferred the show to its Disney Channel and it quietly shown in reruns for short while and died. Creative of the Muppets had been lost with the passing of Henson, thus no new motivations to push keep the new show going and being original as "Show" was. This is a private view, but I believe is the correct one. As of that date of this review. No new original Muppet oriented material has come out since Muppets Tonight. Only re-has, redo, television movies and Direct to video material.

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Pre-OVA Summary, 25 March 2006

Shadow Chronicles is a relaunch of the US Robotech Animated TV Series.

The movie/OVA deals with events that accrued on last episode of its "third" series. A key character from old series, Scott Bernard, leaving his beloved "Marlene/Ariel" begin the search of giant warship named SDF-3. By joining the surviving ships of the Robotech Expedition Force to discover what happened to the Invid and SDF-3.

From what has been printed about this OVA, it is a modified story based on the Robotech novel "End of the Circle" which was suppose to be the completion of the original series in printed form.

This is the strongest attempt to produce a actual sequel to the series. Previous attempt, Robotech II: The Sentinels (1986) which failed to be completely produced due to production cost changes between Japan & USA.

Sentinels was published in Novel form as well in form of a successful comic book series till it was canceled in mid-90s by Harmony Gold.

Thou it is high quality, i do not think its as good as the original series. I know its tough act to follow. However, the CGI does not blend well with hand drawn animation.

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Different Doctor, 25 March 2006

Well, was lucky to have seen the series before it came to USA and i think its not too bad.

I grew up on watching later doctor who series with Tom Baker and successors.

I think people maybe bit too critical at the moment. Christopher Eccleston is only actor, but he chose how to play his role he knew historically was going be different from those played it before him.

Series, canon is completely different universe. Timelords are dead. The Doctor has no nemesis who just as crafty and as intelligent as he is.

I do think series needs branch out and try exploring again. Freshing out the series is something to has to be done. Now Christopher Eccleston is no longer the doctor. Maybe the writers will allow character to take on different persona. If any old Dr. Who fans remember, each time he generates a different personality quirks had come up.

Also, a lot people forgetting. Show has to keep the attention of the young generations. It has to be relevant to current popular trends since it show more expensive to produce and harder to keep kids attention span. It not just for the Generation X anymore! It sounds like a lot people want to resume the where the old series left off.

I don't think its going to happen. Slow stories seldom survive on short-attention span television anymore. Which is unfortunate, but i believe is true.

I do hope those series will survive long enough to satisfy & entertain everyone it was intended for.

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Vin Diesel can act!, 17 March 2006

This was not what i had expected from hearing of the film. I'm not big on mafia or crime based movies. However, this was certainly brilliantly executed story. Vin Diesel is very good at putting himself into the soul of the person he was portraying in this film. It shows, he was convincing in his part of this film.

Not everyday, you can actually want this case go well for the defendant. It is specially when it was true case about people who were in very well in within term "bad people".

However, Vince show that his character despite all his flaws. Meant what he says that "I love ya u guys" and about "family" in real sense of the word. He was very good in his role, along with rest of the supporting cast members. I hope that this film gets the support it deserves and people will give it chance.

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