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A Judge In Love, 6 July 2003

I grew up in East Los Angeles so my history of Judge Oliver W Holmes is not very good. If this was a good recounting of the actual life of Holmes is unbeknown to me. The story told however was interesting to me because it was about love and friendship interactions with other human beings. Louis Calhern played Oliver W Holmes and did a masterful job of playing a man that ages into his nineties. Ann Harding played his wife Fanny was also masterful until her death in the film. This man Holmes did not have children in the normal sense but counted many of his law clerks as his sons when serving in the Supreme Court. His friend played my Eduard Franz (Judge Brandeis) had a friendship that last their entire careers in public service. They formed a voting group of two on the court but the friendship was so close that each other was not afraid to correct the other when it was needed. This is what a real friend will do. So this film really was about friendship/love and growing old together, a good movie to watch.

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Lets Wish: Send This Back To Hell, 5 July 2003

The third entry in a series is unusually not very good and this one fits the bill as bad. Biggest problem was that Andrew Divoff was not in it as the Djinn. John Novak played a different Djinn and he had nothing that the original Djinn had. He was smaller, weaker, thinner and had no evil presence in him. The human host was Professor Barash whom appeared as a brainy type of person but certainly the evil manner or look or voice of Divoff is in Barash. The plot of having St. Michael the Archangel enter a human to help fight the Djinn was pretty unconvincing. If you want to waste your time with nonsense then this one is for you.

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Wish-A-Do Wish-A-Two, 5 July 2003

A new twist to the Wishmaster story in that the Djinn must gather 1000 souls before granting the waker the three wishes. Andrew Divoff returns as the Djinn which is a perfect role for him. Divoff looks so evil with the voice to go along with it. When granting a wish, his reply is an unemotional "done" which can cut right to the hearts of many people that make a wish. In the first film the waker was a likeable woman but in this one it is a woman that kills when committing robbery. Someone that is not likely a person that can defeat the Djinn. She enlists the help of a priest which was her one good choice in life. The Djinn goes into a prison for 200 souls. Where can a Djinn get another 800 souls? A place where people wish for something that they don't have. A place that people are so concerned about wishing that they do not realize that their soul is now required? This place is so logical that when you realize it, it becomes a place where you better not wish. Who knows if an evil Djinn is waiting for you?

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The Beginning Of Belvedere: That Is Correct, 4 July 2003

Robert Young and Maureen O'Hara as Harry & Tacey King were the headliners in this film but a man named Lynn Belvedere (Clifton Webb) stole the show. It was perfectly logical that Mr. Belvedere would take control of the film, he is a genius. What one thing has Belvedere not done, write a book of course! But what type of book and where will the information be collected from? How about a little town of gossips that will make a satire of a town a masterpiece of writing? But how can a genius be among them and not be discovered? The King family have terrible children that no human can control. They need a maid and live-in babysitter, whom better than a person that understands children's psychology yet hates children. Mr. Belvedere soon is hired and has the whole family under his control. A man that has the children chew their food 28 times, not 20 or 24 but 28 times. A dog trainer that has the huge mountain of a dog controlled. A man that can tell the adults in the household just how childish they can behave. When the family almost breaks up can Mr. Belvedere save the family? This is a classic which will live on in movie history.

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A Story Of Love And Courage, 2 July 2003

I love dogs so this movie is probably the best ever of showing the courage and love of a dog. This film is set in a little Yorkshire town. Two of the great character actors (Donald Crisp and Edmund Gwenn) as Sam Carraclough and Rowlie Palmer respectively add so much to the "feel" of this film. Carraclough family needs money so sell the only thing of worth, a dog named Lassie to Nigel Bruce "the Duke." Roddy McDowall plays Joe Carraclough who loves the dog with all his heart and vice-versa from Lassie. The dog is taken to Scotland and Lassie must escape in order to "come home" to Joe. There is a great river to swim to reach England but Lassie does it. The cost is great, she is near death until an old couple care for her and nurse her back to health. But something is wrong, at 3:50pm each day she must leave somewhere? The couple gave her freedom for the journey home. Lassie then joins Rowlie Palmer a "pots/pans" traveling salesman along with his own beloved dog, Toots. Little Toots is better than a wife for Rowlie because she is neat, clean and gives no back check to Rowlie. Poor Toots is killed trying to save her master. Finally Lassie makes it home. Damaged, injured and a wanted dog, she braves whatever it takes to get home. But wait, she belongs to the Duke not Joe, can the humans in the story arrange a proper home for Lassie? Tune in to this classic and find out.

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A Drama Of Love And Murder, 1 July 2003

Barbara Stanwyck, Van Heflin and Kirk Douglas combine to make an interesting trio involving murder and love. All three appear as young children that lead lives very different and yet interconnected. Martha Ivers is a rebel against her rich aunt. Sam Masterson is a boy that wants to run away from an alcoholic father and Walter O'Neil is a boy controlled by his father and leaded towards Harvard. The old aunt is murdered by her niece with Walter as a witness. Now the O'Neils have leverage for the money to fame and fortune. The scene is now 17 or 18 years later as Sam Masterson is stranded for a night in Iverstown. Walter has married Martha and is a politician. Martha has multiplied the fortune of her long dead aunt. Sam is just a drifter. Their lives cross and more murder is involved. Poor Walter knows that Martha loves Sam. Douglas as a wimp is an unique character for him. The plot takes a twist at the end. A little slow at times but worth the time.

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Another Interesting Creature Attacking Our Turtle, 28 June 2003

The world of Gamera has seen this flying turtle battling many different types of creatures and Gaos is a very powerful enemy. Gaos flies and has a supersonic beam of sound that can slice any substance in the world. Gaos has one very bad habit, he likes to chew and feed on people. Gaos has one big weakness, he cannot stand being in the light of the sun. Gamera, our hero does his best to keep Gaos in the morning sun but sadly for us, fails. What can stop such a powerful enemy? Has Gamera finally met his match?

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The Turtle Flies Again, 28 June 2003

Much like the Godzilla series of films, Gamera has been updated with more money and effects that give the old turtle a new life. Gamera was and still is a friend to the human race. Gaos and family return to use human beings as their food. Gaos still has its supersonic beam the can cut anything in existence, even Gamera. The military decides that Gamera is more dangerous than Gaos and nearly lead to the destruction of Gamera as the turtle must face attacks from two different angles at the same time. Will the turtle end up as "turtle soup?" Can the turtle survive being cut up by the supersonic beams? Will mankind ever join with Gamera? These questions can only be answered by "pulling up a chair" and enjoying this classic creature in action.

Wishmaster (1997)
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Wonderful Wacky World of a Djinn, 27 June 2003

Many years ago, I remember a "Twilight Zone" episode with a genie that was in a bottle and the granting of three wishes. All the wishes turned sour for the person. This film was similar but with great special effects and creative answers to wishes asked for. A woman that never wants to lose her youthful look and is turned into a mannequin, along with many other wishes that go terminal for the people that wish them. A wish granted costs the soul of each person that asks or is tricked into asking for a wish. Alexandra is the person that accidently awakens the Djinn and is granted three wishes. On the third granting of Alexandra's wishes all the evil in the Djinn's world will be released in our world. It becomes a battle of wits between the Djinn and Alexandra. Andrew Divoff is the perfect Djinn displaying all the necessary evil by just looking at a person. Alexandra does make three wishes but did she outwit the Djinn? One film that adds a new outlook on the old fable of a genie and wishes that come true.

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The Worst Werewolf Of All Time, 22 June 2003

There have been many really bad films made and this one is in the top ten of all time. Lame dialog between an older detective and Father John. Most of the film we only see the werewolf on the prowl because the camera lens is red. Not until the end do we see a werewolf woman and the wolf mask, yes, it actually looks like a mask. The worst part of this film, if you can believe it, was the country music that was constantly playing. At one point, the crowd was asked if they wanted to hear "Pappy sing" and I felt like shouting "NO." This film probably should have been called "Pappy One," instead of anything to do with the Howling series. One second thought, Pappy was so bad, "Pappy Loses His Voice" would have been better.

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