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The Best Vampire Movie Ever
2 August 2006
If you have read Ann Rice's Chronicles, you would see that this is the most accurate movie based on her Chronicles . Actually, I have read the book after I have seen the movie and I was amazed by how accurate the film was. The only objection is that Armand should have looked younger, that is the way he is described throughout the Chronicles, but Banderas does a great job nevertheless impersonating the character (he is a great actor). Lestat is identical to what I imagined when I read the book, and he is pictured in the movie just as Louis described him : the shallow handsome blond blood sucking monster with no respect for anything that he worshiped and loved and feared. About Louis, he is perfect.Brad Pitt really outdone himself playing this role - the tormented, forever clenched onto his mortal soul,always unhappy vampire. But "la piece de resistance" is of course, Claudia - the beautiful vampire woman entrapped in a little girl's body for eternity.Louis's and Lestat's monster-daughter is a living (undead actually) work of art the way Kirsten Dunst plays her.
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BloodRayne (2005)
Rayne's Journey to Hollywood
24 July 2006
Hollywood has a really corny way of telling the story. O.K., you've got your Romanian vampires (duh!), a tyrannic father for Rayne (maybe some counseling would help) who wants to conquer the world, but first, he must kill his daughter (if she won't join him -> "Luke, I am your father").

About Rayne, she's being held captive by Gypsies who exploit her weakness toward water and her ability to regenerate after consuming blood (do they even know she's a vampire ?) and everything seems to be O.K. for her, until one of them tries to rape her (the films' main event seems to be rape - Kagan raped her mom, that dude tried to rape her, but not long after that she ends up having wild sex with somebody that was depriving her of some people rights too)so then, she realizes that she must kill her father (and all the vampires as well).

I would really like to talk with the guy that wrote the script, cause he doesn't seem to know much about the game (or vampires, for that matter):

1. Rayne and Water don't mix (she takes the eye of Beliar in her and so she doesn't take damage from water - that's crap!In the game, when that happens, she gains extruded view, not to mention the action takes place in Argentina !)

2. When did vampires start having sex and furthermore - having kids ?!

OK, this is the part that bothers me the most. So, Rayne is very hungry,because she hasn't been feeding for the last days, she exits her cage, she's about to feed on the guy (that would've been more fun and realistic), but instead, she settles out for a roll in the hey. Man, I know you've got to make a living, but did you ever think about what the gamers would think ? Yeah, Kristana is pretty hot, but if I wanted to get some action , I would have watched something else (don't want to mention here)

3. The action of the game begins in New Orleans, but as many "horror writers" , the "scripter" places the action in Romania - long live Bram Stoker !

4. Where did all the characters in the movie came from ? Except for Kagan and a slight imitation of Mince, there is no resemblance to the actual characters in the game.

5. Kristanna Loken and Blood Rayne don't actually look like, except for the costume (and by the way, she should've lost some more weight on the belly and the thies)

I am really looking forward to see what the other gamers feel about what I've said here.
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