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Every movie concerning time travel as a major plot device RANKED!

Only stipulation is one movie is to represent a franchise (so 'Terminator,' 'Back to the Future' each only get one entry--franchise film rankings in descriptions).
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I'm so often torn with where my geek-allegiances lie, so I've compiled my list to help me keep it straight.

While everyone will have his/her own order, additions, and subtractions, these are the franchises that have withstood the test of time. Some of them are newer, some much older, all separate me from reality in convincing fashion.

I've tried picking my favorite incarnation for some of these entries, followed by rankings of movies, shows, etc., within that franchise.
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Movies based on comic books ranked according to awesome.

The pretentious stuff filed under "graphic novels" are not considered.

(Pretty much super-heroes only)
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A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy...Mostly
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Perhaps it's hopelessly outdated; maybe it just wasn't done right the first time. Here are 20 films that deserve a second go-around!
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Sure, Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are making the Evil Dead series. Though some of us are redefining what "stoked" means with such a prospect, what other films or franchises would flourish under some quality producers and writers?
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Caveat: said leading actor must have starred in at least three films AND be, in some circles, considered a decent-to-good actor.
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These aren't necessarily ranked in the order of best all-around movies, but the combination of its twist plus the legacy of the twist, as well as the film's greatness.
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Some of these have gotten due respect, while some continue to fly under the radar. If you haven't seen these little gems, give 'em a try!
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Year after year I am disappointed seeing some movies on the AFI lists or even here on the IMDb Top 250. By putting these movies on this list, I'm not necessarily saying they're not good movies (though, I would argue those toward the top of the list are both overrated AND not very good), but that they are undeserving of much of the accolades they've received over the years. Era is taken into account, but some things just cannot be forgiven. IMDb Top 250, AFI Top 100, Oscar winners, and cult movies are all considered.

Keep in mind: I am not a journalist or a film critic. I just happen to love film. I dole out the "hate," yes, but this list is meant more to open dialogue about, perhaps, reevaluating some of the best films.

Surely, I'm not the only one who inwardly cringes every time I see Citizen Kane at the top of AFI's Best list?
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It's very easy to pick particular songs from movies that I love, however, it's something else entirely to narrow down that least to great songs to great/good movies. The following list is made of great songs that are inexorably linked to their respected films.
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Limiting myself to the newest series, here are my 25 most beloved episodes! Get your fish sticks and custard ready and read on!
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The best movies I probably have no business loving as much as I do.
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I can't claim to have seen every zombie movie ever made, but I've seen the vast majority. This list is meant to not only rank our undead friends' films, but also give advice on what may or may not be worth your time. The obvious ones are at the top, with some not-so-obvious ones. Also, there are plenty of hidden gems, so take a glance! Comments, feedback, and suggestions are always welcome.
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Not all-inclusive...but most-inclusive.
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These films are the nostalgic favorites. This list is geared to the inner-child. No, no Nightmare Before Christmas. I know, I know, list invalidated.

Here's my horror list for those looking for the scary stuff:
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The 25 greatest episodes of one the all-time greatest shows: Star Trek: The Next Generation.
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Voice actors, in my opinion, rarely, if ever, get the kudos they deserve. Here's some payback...

I base my opinion of them on bias towards characters, of course, but I have also factored in body of work, the enduring effect of characters (icons, in particular), and distinctiveness of voice.
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Sure, there are a great number of iconic theme songs, but when it comes down to it, do you find yourself whistling/singing/humming/etc. it?

These are the ones I find myself doing that to.
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I'm certainly not the biggest fan of the holidays other than the fact that there's time off involved. Having said that, for one reason or another, the following films/TV specials are tops in my book.
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