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Cute old ladies solving crimes!, 30 May 2006

I remember watching this series and loving it. I especially remember an episode where Alice Cooper guest starred and sang on stage. "Ëat My Thing", I kid you not. I was 13 years old at the time and it blew my mind. Of Course I probably misheard the words. Nobody believes me when I tell them. He was also wearing a skeleton suit when he sang. My kingdom to see that again, or get at least a confirmation that I in fact saw what I swear I saw. Anyway I am eagerly awaiting this series on DVD. I won't be holding my breath though. There were scads of other cool guest stars and ran along with other series like McCloud on the Tuesday Latenight Mystery Show.(?).

Joe Dirt (2001)
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Rockin' Soundtrack!!!, 17 July 2002

Great feel-good movie with a rockin' sound-track. David Spade did an excellent job and it was great to see Roseanna and Joe Don Baker as well as Kathleen Freeman. I just love these funky, dorky kinda movies. I almost wet myself laughing and crying.

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"I'll Open You up like a Can of Tomato Soup", 24 April 2001

Excellent movie, I just wish it was available on any format. The above summary is a line in the movie that I remember the most. Spoken by Bunny herself. I can't wait to see this movie again. If you like Bette, you'll like this movie.