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Gone Girl (2014)
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What would happen if Batman & the Joker got married?, 5 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The answer: THIS.

My review would be a spoiler filled review so if you've not already seen the movie, shut your laptop and go see this movie. This has to be Fincher's finest movie since Fight Club, at least for me it is. When I went in I thought all I am going to see is a missing wife story and how Affleck is framed for that, the media frenzy et all, boy was I wrong.

The story starts with Nick Dunne(Affleck) coming home and finding his wife to have gone missing. Nick files a missing person report and what follows is a media frenzy. This is where the movie strikes gold. Nick is effectively framed, cleared, framed and cleared again. The main culprit it turns out is Amy(Rosamund Pike), or "Amazing Amy". Halfway through the movie and you get the big twist, she's alive. I frankly thought that was it, boy was I wrong. Amy's machinations would make Alex Forrest(Fatal Attraction) & Catherine Tramell(Basic Instinct) take notes.

The performances are, as you expect from Fincher, top notch.

This is a solid 9/10.

P.S. Do not make a mistake of taking a date to this movie, as I did.

Agneepath (2012)
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Better than the original.......Hrithik Roshan at his best., 28 January 2012

Agneepath is the template of how to make an Indian action movie.Hrithik Roshan should consider being an action hero,because this is what action looks like in it's most raw form.

The action scenes blow you away,the emotions are perfect.

I gave this a 9/10,which is the highest I've ever given a Hrithik Roshan movie.This surpasses the original in so many ways.Sanjay Dutt is the badass and Rishi Kapoor can give Ranbir Kapoor the run for his money even in his late years.

I would give bonus points to Karan Malhotra for topping the original in almost every sense.Hat's Off.

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Everything one hopes from a Summer blockbuster., 15 June 2011

Well,I was one of those lucky enough to be in the advanced screening for this movie.Being a GL fan & the bashing it was subjected to whether it was criticism for the tone among numerous others,I had my reservations.But being a fan of Geoff John's work & the genius that's Martin Campbell,I decided to give it a chance.

This is perhaps the best superhero movie since Superman(1978).Yes,I know there's Spiderman,The Dark Knight and many others but GL is the proper summer superhero spectacle.The doubtful superhero who lives up to become the legend he's destined to be,the ideal lady-love and the textbook super-villain,Green Lantern reminded me of how my Dad narrated me about viewing Superman on the big-screen.

Ryan Reynolds is the ideal superhero,which is refreshing to see,after so many self-doubting self-loathing superheroes the rival studios have put on the big screen.Peter Sarsgaard's performance is nothing short of spectacular,which is amazing.What was most surprising is how good Blake Lively's Carol Ferris is,giving an emotional subtext to a 2D character is tough,but Lively does it with ease.

Fans won't be disappointed.When Warner's declared they needed a franchisee to replace Harry Potter & GL is a viable one,I was skeptical.Now,not so much.


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A valiant effort to a sagging franchise., 4 June 2011

I have been skeptical about XMFC,since I heard they were going to pre- boot it,but yes Bryan Singer raised my eyebrow even more(even though he was in the story department).I can never forgive him for f**king up Superman big time,but somehow he gets XMen.

I came to the theater with minimum expectations to say the most.First Class really catches momentum and some surprises really work.But I think what can make an XMen movie work is the momentum and not the story,as the story is always the same(People hate mutants,good mutant wants to prove otherwise,bad mutant is conflicted,both part ways in the end tragically...WTF??) and Vaughn disappoints in this regard.

Fassbender & McAvoy really did justice to their parts and I would give this a 5 only for that.

If you have nothing to do and are not sick of another XMen flick with the whole Human-Mutant dynamic,then you should go for it.