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Cinderella with a twist..., 23 July 2006

I enjoyed this movie a lot. I always thought the original was a little dull, so when they changed a few things up, it was interesting to see what the producers came up with. I did find "Cinderella" (clara) very annoying at the beginning of the movie though. Yes it was obvious she was gorgeous but she didn't have to rub it in people's noses like that. It felt like throughout half the movie, Cinderella was playing the bad guy and the two stepsisters (who weren't even ugly) were the good guys......

But overall, I loved every bit of it, it's like the narrator said in the end...."though the story may not be as magical, in the end, it's far more beautiful." something like that! :)

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What I thought about the series......, 23 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I loved this anime series. It broke my heart! :( I hate to give away the ending because I would hate to spoil it for the viewers. There was just so much love in the story, and nobody even said anything. It really kinda ticked me off! But that's one of the points that made this movie so great. It's really worth watching! I cried every time, up to the end!

I don't know if that was a spoiler but I'll put that up just in case. :)

I hope all you anime lovers out there enjoyed it as much as I did! I definitely recommend this movie for anyone looking for a heart warmer and needs a good cry!