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Delta Force moves in and saves American Hostages from Terrorists., 22 May 2007

Honestly, it was really bad in the acting department. I'm not really sure how bad the script was because it was delivered so poorly by Norris and other underlings. Only Lee Marvin and Bo were anywhere near relaxed in their characters. Maybe it was just the direction. The music was dated (really synthetic but not in a good way ...) and I felt it was a little too jingoistic -- we're right, you're wrong "sleep tight, sucker". It's no wonder they hate us. The only great bit was Shelley Winters on the plane screaming "there's so many of us and so few of them, why don't we DO something1" (eerie shades of 9/11, long before 9/11). Watch something else.

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Young vice cop goes undercover and has to deal with a pregnant wife ("real life") while playing somebody else at work., 24 July 2006

I'm not sure what show the other person saw. What I saw, particularly in the pilot episode of Man Undercover was some really good twists and gritty writing for that era. I LOVED that show. It was one of the best "cop" shows I've ever seen and was one of the first to have this connection between his (main character's) personal life and the strange undercover life he was leading. Nice contrast. It made me want to work in television (and I do). Cassidy was/is an excellent performer. I can understand his reluctance after the Partridge craziness. Somebody come up with a show he can do and would say yes to! Please don't let it be another CSI.