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a cute movie..., 31 May 2008

I liked Kim in this movie (this movie is principally following her character around) and I haven't always liked the characters she has played. Entirely believable. The movie has an interesting premise: co-incidental deaths of Elvis impersonators prior to a major Elvis convention. Corbet plays Corbet; that is, if you liked him in Zwick's 'Big Fat' movie, you'll like him in this. The accidental deaths are funny. Richard Kind was great. David Leisure psyched. Tom Hanks, well, for those who are getting kind of tired of Tom Hanks, you'll probably love this one. Critics who pan this, to quote Sheryl Crow, outta "lighten up." There are some better movies, but there are many more that are worse, and you probably have some of them. The directing is good. The story is well-cut. It flows. It doesn't go stale. It is a very light romantic comedy about Pink Lady, dying Elvis impersonators, and old connections eventually working out. The ending was a hoot! Full marks for Zwick. Hope he does more.

Grayson (2004)
Didn't think I'd ever want to watch another DC Comic movie, 8 October 2007

This one's hot! Director/Star has put together some great images and music (Elfman's?) If there were a DC Movie I'd want to see it would be this one. It is not difficult to see why fans are raving about it. Good casting direction too! The sad part is that this is just a trailer. But, what is shown makes me want to see the film. To see Superman, Green Lantern, Catwoman, the Joker.. but mostly to see Batman avenged by Robin. Fantastic idea! A weakness in the images is the obvious use of old props. But, ironically, this turns into a strengths after the laughter when the viewer sees what the director does with it. Another weakness would be the use of unknown actors. Then again. We are immediately faced with another surprise. The actors render perfect copies of the images we grew up with. This is like watching the movies we can play only in our heads! I must now join the ranks of those who would want to see this become a full-length motion picture.

The Relic (1997)
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A good example of Hollywood ruining a story..., 23 July 2006

If you have a choice between reading the Preston/Child novel and watching the movie, read the novel. The movie has culled too many valued characters reducing this mystery thriller to a B-grade monster flick. Think "Frankenstein" and you'll get the picture. I view movies on a scale of 2 to 9 where 9 actually meets with the original story and 10 improves on it. Just as an example, "Altered States" would be a 10. The Relic definitely warrants a re-make with follow-up sequels paralleling the authors' Pendergast series. If I only were a producer... That said, I enjoyed Tom Sizemore's part and would wish him back (Tom should have more action movies). And, James Whitmore has a cute scene waiting alone for his Callisto-effect museum beast. Badly missed were the impossibly-composed Pendergast character and the ever-irritating Smithback. Nuff said.