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Di wu ying (1983)
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Very very strange, 26 July 2001

I and a friend of mine, led by some mysterious force, actually rented this movie a couple of days ago. Let me tell you one thing, do not be misled by the title, THIS MOVIE DOES NOT CONTAIN KUNG FU! It has more to do with elaborate costumes and some of the strangest dialogue I have ever seen than anything to do with actual fighting. As far as I can figure it, this Butterfly woman is like some kind of cruel transvestite Robin Hood who everyone refers to as "mister" despite the fact that she is a woman (I think). This had the hardest plot to follow of any movie I have ever seen, including Against The Drunken Cat Paws, which is, in my opinion, a much better movie, but back to the Dark Lady. In her mild mannered day job she is the boss of a bunch of caveman-looking juvenile thieves that she refers to as "monkeys". The best things about this movie would have to be A). The dubbing of the police chief, who is a kind of bumbling Mr. Magoo B). The soundtrack, which is an equal mix of traditional Chinese music and early 80's dance hall funk beat, and C). by far the real winner, the dialogue, which contains such gems as,"My name is no name. No is my surname and name is","I am from Heaven, so of course I am very talented." and the following exchange,"Why are there two Lady Butterflies?" "Yes, I see two of them." The latter two quotes by a character named Houdini(yes I know, but I'm really not making this up). So in conclusion, let me just speak on behalf of everyone who has seen this movie by saying simply,"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTT!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Thank you.