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Witty wit wit
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You watch it with your eyeballs, not (necessarily) with your ears.
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Well, I think most movies show this message in some way or another, but the message is central to these movies. That despite everything that happens, life is still worth living and it is beautiful. You may even go so far as to say that these movies are spiritual.
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My heart sings along with these.
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Titles that cataches your attention, are out of the ordinary or just plain long. I've tried to include titles that do not get them from other sources such as their original books or plays. I've also tried to avoid titles that are long just because they are descriptive.

Some things I've noticed and find interesting: A lot of them have question marks in the title. Most of the films are comedies. Spoofs and B-movies especially love long titles.

If you have any to add to the list, feel free to comment!
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When people have to confront their loved one's killers or murderers of other folk. Spoilers may be involved.
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They are immigrants or children of immigrants to a foreign country, most likely East-West relations as that is what I've been exposed to most, where they have grown up with the host culture, and have grown up to be fabulous directors making stories about both cultures. They tend to have the ability to see the problems and blessings of more than one culture. Usually auteurs. In order by last name. If anyone knows of anymore, feel free to leave comments!
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Mostly anti-heroes.
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Yes, yet another one of those lists. I usually pick my favourite actors because of the depth and breadth of what they've acted in. Being cute helps too.
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films involving speech therapists and audiologists are few and far between, but when they do appear they prove to be of a certain quality...
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most likely it just shows a Christmas tree or snow...