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The Divide (2011)
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Don't waste your time., 29 April 2012

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Such a horrible horrible laughable film. I say laughable because some viewers seemed to have bought into this garbage as an exploration of the dark side of humanity. Nothing makes sense. To me, it's obvious this director has zero life experience dealing with people in life and death situations. Either that, or he wants us to believe that somehow this particular basement, ended up with weakest examples of humanity. At one point, there seemed to be some hope for the movie, as one of the basement dwellers explored outside the basement revealing a tubular network and laboratory put up by the attackers, but it all ended when he was forced back into the basement and the basement was welded shut by the attackers. Why this interesting plot line was not further explored is a mystery to me, perhaps they ran out of money and knew they couldn't afford the Sci-fi sets and CGI work needed, or more simply, the writer was not up to the task. The acting was okay, considering they weren't given much to work with. Consider, Mickey, the superintendent of the building, a man who lost his family in 911 and pretty much wanted to die to be with them again. Knowing that, the viewers are supposed to believe that he would hide a roomful of food from the rest of the survivors? Why? So he could live longer? The movie was filled with inconsistencies and with the expectations that the viewer should just buy into the action without question just so the director could make a scene about rape, murder and torture. Visually stun the audience enough, so they don't think about story logic seemed to be the strategy by the producers on this one. Unless you like gore for gore's sake, spare yourself.