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Deadfall (1993)
Biehn, Cage, Sheen, Coburn = why did this not work?
4 January 2003
Warning: Spoilers
The answer is that the film just looks so cheap! It's tacky! The finale 'shoot-outs' are awful, accompanied by some very bad extra's. Biehn was perfectly suitable in the role, it is a shame that he had such a bad character, with bad dialogue. Nicolas Cage is terrible as Eddie, he is nearly inaudible! James Coburn is great, and has a genuine chemistry with Michael Biehn. The ever-reliable Charlie Sheen is once again reunited with Biehn, the pair had built up a good rapport filming Navy Seals. But the film is just really bad, and I was so disappointed. Sarah Trigger (who?) is ok, but nothing special. The action lets it down, as it's too cheap. The music is terrible, really tacky. This is an ever-popular concept, which games like Grand Theft Auto have excelled in, but this film just wasn't good. The money must have been spent on the cast. This was the first 'deadfall' in Biehn's career, luckily he was still cast in Tombstone later that year. You can't blame him for this movie, "Hey Mike, we're going to put you in the starring role of a movie by Coppola, with Nicolas Cage, Talia Shire, James Coburn, Charlie Sheen, oh and Peter Fonda as your support cast." You'd be silly to have turned it down. Disappointing.
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Clockstoppers (2002)
Its an enjoyable film, so why are people so hard on it?
17 October 2002
This film is extremely well made, the special effects are awesome, the acting is great, with the main cast all providing entertaining portrayals of their respective roles, but special mention to Michael Biehn who I thought was excellent in the film. Great to see him on the big screen, haven't seen him since The Art of War in 2001. Hope Adventure Inc brings him more success. This film is great escapism, people criticise it for being done before, but c'mon, hasn't everything? It's aimed at a younger audience, and if you're an adult in your 40's or woteva, this probably won't be your kinda film, does that mean its all that bad? If you watched Sooty when you were little, you'd think it was the best thing since sliced bread. If you watched it now, not going to like it as much, cos it would seem childish, but there are people out there who love it! This film was well made, well acted, the direction was very good, and I rate Jonathan Frakes very highly as a director! I really enjoyed the film, was skeptical as I was worried it was going to be bad, and I took 12 other 17 year olds to the cinema with me, so they were all going to blame me if it was bad. But they all enjoyed it, and I'm very pleased to say I've seen it on the big screen! 7/10 easy
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William Hartnell was one of the greatest English actors Ever!
2 July 2002
Although this movie is rather old, what makes it still watchable is the endearing performance by William Hartnell, perhaps best known for his roles in Doctor Who and Carry On Sergeant. Hartnell was a true gem in British Film and Television history. Some say he was hard to work with, but many say he was a true professional and loved his work. I would personally agree with the latter, as that interpretation shines through his work in this film!
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A really enjoyable documentary
25 May 2002
This was a really fun documentary, one that everyone was talking about the next day. It had great interviews with movie stars, including Michael Biehn and Jenette Goldstein talking about "Aliens" and the strong female characters of Ripley and Vasquez. Biehn also talked about "The Terminator" and Schwarzenegger's role and the impact of the film. There was then a part on the rivalry between Schwarzenegger and Stallone and their films in the era. The documentary ends nicely with Stallone and Arnie opening Planet Hollywood and sharing a dance. A really enjoyable documentary! 9/10
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Best Command and Conquer game, starring Michael Biehn
21 March 2002
The game is enjoyable, although it gets quite hard. The special effects are good, and the plot is great. The character of McNeil is super, and excellently portrayed by Michael Biehn. James Earl Jones is also good as General Solomon, although some of the supporting acting is bad. But it is a computer game after all, but the bonus of having my favourite actor in the movie scenes is a special treat.
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THE worst movie i have EVER seen
20 February 2002
What kind of absolute garbage was this? It wasn't funny, it wasn't scary, it wasn't good! Someone brought this in on the last day of term in school at christmas insisting we watch it. That was the last time anyone trusted his taste in films again! It was simply awful! I could make something funnier and more enjoyable!! 0 out of 1000, simply awful!
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4 February 2002
I hated this film, it was boring, Osmond is not a likeable character or actor, i find him very annoying. My girlfriend loves the film, but i can't see it myself! Turned it off in fury! Do not watch this movie if you are expecting a good one! Chuck Norris is more entertaining! Hail Chuck!
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Alien Evolution (2001 TV Movie)
An excellent documentary
31 October 2001
This was great to watch, and as a fan of both the ALIEN saga and Michael Biehn, I enjoyed it a lot. The interviews with cast members like Harry Dean Stanton, Tom Skerritt, Jenette Goldstein and Michael Biehn were particularly enjoyable. I have to admit, it started off boring with "Alien" as the recollections of the ageing producers were not very exciting, but as the show moved on, it became very enjoyable. A rare treat to see Michael Biehn on an interview, especially on british TV, it's about time my idol got the status he deserved!
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Sooty & Co. (1993–1998)
Amazing show!
31 October 2001
I can say with great admiration that Sooty & Co was one of the greatest kids shows ever! It had everything that the original series had, and much more! The camper-van was a great addition to the series, and the show ran for an enjoyable 6 years. It was a shame to see dear Matthew Corbett retire as, for me, he was the 'grown-up' of kids TV, and was the star of the show! I needed to make sure his hard work was recognised.
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The Tomorrow People (1992–1995)
Kid's TV nowadays can't compare to what it was in the early 90's
14 October 2001
This was an excellent series, I was only 7 at the time it was on, but boy was it enjoyable, and I still have images embedded in my head of this series. People being infected and having to hide their green eyes with shades or contacts, Mosquito's escaping and causing havoc, and action every episode! It was a good show, because it had a plot to it, an exciting one, and kids TV nowadays can't compare to the early 90's! This was a super show!
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