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Kyle Reese

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Jade (1995)
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A good thriller, 11 August 2001

This film was enjoyable, with one of the best car chases ever to capture a camera lens. The plot was clever, and great acting, in particular from David Caruso and my personal favorite, Michael Biehn! Film has a range of qualities to make it an enjoyable film! If you havent seen it, then go find it!

Tombstone (1993)
Best Western I've ever seen without a doubt, 11 August 2001

I've never been a huge fan of Westerns, but this films is absolutely fantastic! The actors are tremendous, Val Kilmer is fantastic as Holliday and this is certainly his best role! Michael Biehn is super as Johnny Ringo and I enjoyed all of his scenes. His expressive eyes say so much, even when he isn't saying anything, you know what Ringo is thinking, and Biehn does super in this role and is my favorite character! Kurt Russell is also very cool in this film and pretty tough! And of course, who can forget Bill Paxton, his fifth and final film alongside Michael Biehn to date, after first appearing together in The Lords of Discipline 10 years previously. This is however the first time Paxton is credited above Biehn! Paxton is great as ever! I really do enjoy this film, the good score from Bruce Broughton is one I long to own on CD!

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A poor sequel, 5 August 2001

This film lacks the intensity of the first film, and Harry Hamlin is certainly no match for Michael Biehn. However, by this time, Biehn had found bigger fame after The Abyss, Aliens, Navy Seals and was at this time working on K2. 1991 seemed to be a year where Michael Biehn and sequels didn't work. His scene in Terminator 2 was deleted. He turned down Alien 3 and, as we see, he didn't appear in this film. As yet, Biehn has yet to star in a sequel. This film just didn't work, with the absence of Biehn and decent plot, it didn't reach its audience and didn't make the impact of the first film!

Alien³ (1992)
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The Bitch is back, but Hicks isn't, 7 July 2001

This film is certainly the worst of the saga, but it is not a bad film, and I believe it is harshly treated. I watched this movie a day after seeing ALIENS, and after the pleasing ending to ALIENS, was immediately depressed when I expected Michael Biehn's name to appear on screen and didn't. Even more so, when Hicks, along with Newt, are killed off within the first few minutes of the film. The absence of weapons should add to the suspense of the film, after all, the weapons in the 1st film are rarely handled, and still it was a success. The fact that we don't have Vasquez and Drake blasting the walls down, does not mean the film can't be enjoyable.

Some excellent performances from the cast, British actors Brian Glover, Charles Dance, Ralph Brown and the unlucky Paul McGann, his character suffered huge editing and we fail to see what happens to his character in the film. Charles S Dutton gives us the American touch and is VERY good in his role. And of course, the superb Lance Henriksen, makes a welcome appearance as Bishop, and the sight of him softened the blow of having my hero Michael Biehn on the top of K2 at the time of this movie. Henriksen is excellent in this role and to date is the only actor (other than Weaver) to appear in more than 1 Alien film. Don't judge Alien3 so hard, the more you watch it, the more it can be appreciated, and it is as much a part of the Saga as any other of the movies. It is a good film, despite the amazing competition in the Saga, this film is severely under-rated!

Do you know who the enemy is?, 7 July 2001

This film is a good action film, with some excellent fight scenes, gun battles and car chases. Although the plot is not a complicated one, and the ending one that could be expected, the film certainly builds up to an excellent end. Wesley Snipes is on top form, but the main reason I watched this movie was that Michael Biehn was in it, and he is supreme in this role! With Anne Archer and Donald Sutherland included to spice up the cast even more, the film was very enjoyable!

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A High-Octane film, with stunning Gun blazing and Michael Biehn is on top form., 27 June 2001

This film was quite enjoyable, as a Michael Biehn fan, I appreciated this movie, he plays the character well and the cheeky comic element to his character makes him so enjoyable to watch. With some excellent action, a nice soundtrack, great humour, and some nice supporting acting from Matt Craven and Kim Coates. Leilani Sarelle Ferrer is super in this role and does more shooting than Michael in fact, a sexy woman with guts! Although Ed Lauter's accent strains credibility, its nice to have him in the cast. A good film, which deserves more credit! 7/10

K2 (1991)
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"High" Excitement, 12 May 2001

This film was one I've been longing to watch, mainly because it is a Michael Biehn movie. I know that some of his work has been less impressive, but no one acts in super films all the time. This film is no smash hit, but it was certainly not poor. There is a beautiful moment with Taylor and Harold on K2 that was a tear-jerker. Michael Biehn uses, as always, his fantastic talent which is sadly under-rated today. Some light humor through his character. I enjoyed the film though, it was a nice way to spend the evening.

The Rock (1996)
This has to be one of the greatest action movies of all time, 12 May 2001

This is an absolutely amazing movie, it is an action movie with a plot. Fantastic performances from Ed Harris and Sean Connery, who enthrall the audience in every scene, although Ed Harris is faultless, Connery had the bad luck of getting a few bad puns. Nicolas Cage is good in this role. And of Course Michael Biehn is brilliant in this role, probably the best film he's done to date. The ROCK is crammed with explosions, shootouts, a fantastic car chase too. The Music score to the film is absolutely fantastic, and really makes the film a great success. David Morse and William Forsythe also provide great performances. I can't find many worth while faults with this movie, simply fantastic!!!

My favourite movie of all time, 12 May 2001

The Terminator is my favourite movie of all time, it has everything I look for in a film, action, love, an excellent music score, an excellent cast, including my favourite actor Michael Biehn. I love everything about this film, in it's day, nothing had ever been seen like it, and is still highly entertaining today. When thinking about the films relatively modest budget, what was achieved was amazing. Although the model of Schwarzenegger is not as impressive as the one used in the sequel, it can be tolerated and is an extremely small flaw in a fantastic film. The car chases, gun-battles and explosions are nicely interluded by an intriguing plot and a love story. The Terminator is so much more than just an action films, it explores many issues and successfully brings them all to our screens.

The best character is Kyle Reese, portrayed by Michael Biehn, in the role that launched his career. Reese is the best hero character of any, and Biehn is highly entertaining in every scene he appears in. It is isn't every day that a viewer will have a film character to be his idol, but Reese is simply cool and the kind of guy every teenager wishes they could grow up to be. The humor in the film comes from the police characters of Traxler and Vukovich, portrayed admirably by Paul Winfield and Lance Henriksen. They are a perfect combination in the film and every scene they appear in is enjoyable. They're deleted scenes on the new DVD are a must. Henriksen was a Cameron regular, appearing in Piranha II, and later in ALIENS, along with Michael Biehn as well. The brilliant Bill Paxton also makes a cameo here and he would go on to be Cameron's most used actor to date. The Terminator has it all and is, in my opinion, one of the greatest movies ever made.

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It had a good start, but ultimately a waste, 26 April 2001

The film had a brilliant start, Michael Biehn getting the film started, although I was disappointed at the fact that it was a mere cameo when he makes no further appearance. Paul Winfield is also wasted, but plays his role brilliantly. As for the rest of the cast, William Peterson was particularly good. The cast was fine, but the film as a whole could've been better.

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