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Big Kids (2000– )
Worth watching
21 April 2001
Big Kids is a British comedy about two kids whose parents can suddenly act like immature children one minute, and then like mature adults the next. It's hysterical to see how crazy the parents act when they are in their child mode. This show can be corny at times, but it's still worth watching!
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ER (1994–2009)
Excellent Show
21 April 2001
ER is an excellent show! The acting is perfect and the storylines are touching. It's difficult to watch an episode of this show without crying!

The characters are likeable, even the ignorant, superior ones. You never perceive one character as better then another because each person struggles with the same problems and they are all just equal.

There have been quite a few cast departures and additions in the past but it's always interesting to see a new Doctor or a Medical Student and the way that they handle the chaos of the emergency room!

This show doesn't only focus on drama... there is actually some humor in it, too! The combination of drama and humor definitely makes it worth watching.

The greatest medical drama that will ever be on television. It has the power to make you laugh and to make you cry - and it also has some cute guy doctors, especially Noah Wyle and George Clooney, who is no longer on the show. I give it a 10/10!
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The Facts of Life (1979–1988)
21 April 2001
I LOVE this show! It's dramatic and funny simaltaneously. The Facts of Life focuses on serious issues that teens have to face and it also has a humorous twist.

Mrs. Garret, who is played by the very talented Charlotte Rae, is a housekeeper turned housemother turned dietician. She watches out for four girls, Blair (Lisa Whelchel), Jo (Nancy McKeon), Tootie (Kim Fields) and Natalie (Mindy Cohn). She plays the peacemaker and always tries to resolve problems that the girls are dealing with. She calls them "her girls" and is always there for them when they need her.

The episodes with Mrs. Garret are the best. However, the ones later on into the show where she is gone and her sister Beverly Ann is around are horrible. And the cast additions that took place in the last two years of the show, Makenzie Astin as Andy and Sherry Krenn as Pippa, totally ruined The Facts of Life.

I suggest that you watch the episodes that are from the first several years of this show because they feature an excellent cast. But don't watch the last two years of this show because the new cast was horrible, with the exception of the four original girls that remained on The Facts of Life from the very beginning.
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