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We were excluded from the credits, Why??, 21 July 2006

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Hi, back in 1985 I was a 25 yr old man, living in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic who went for a casting to a fancy Hotel. I was casted as an extra but then since I spoke English fluently I got a couple of lines in this movie. My problem with it is, that even though I was in the set for more than 6 days, getting paid for appearing everyday at Columbus door as one of his Guards and doing my thing, I could not find my name in the credits, and also one of my friends who played a much more important part in this movie (He played a priest who was in the middle of a Caos) who did an excellent job, one of our best actors, also was excluded from the credits. We are actors and this is what we do here. I am an American citizen and I know for a fact that in the majority of the movies I've seen, even if I just cough loud enough they will give me my credit for that and it shows up in the credits as COUGHING GUY: ABBEY LAMA, so for us, not showing our names in the credits is pretty bad, because in our curriculum's we always write what we have done in the past, and if somebody checks this out, they will say we are lying and we are not. Thanks, that is all I had to say