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Iconoclast (2010)
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if you don't know boyd rice, i feel sorry for your asleep a$$..., 22 October 2011

if you are familiar with underground art in any form in the last 50 years, you probably have at least heard his name bandied about. "fingers in many pies" does not describe this social darwinist who will not lie to your face about humanity's drawbacks. influential in everything from the early glam scene, to the roots of experimental industrial noise music, to film, street graffiti, photography, art, and everything in between. boyd rice is a fully aware and conscious mind operating on a level far beyond the reach of 99% of the world. he sees the world and existence very clearly and it scares people. not afraid to take on anyone, this film gives us a glimpse of his genius but not in a "arty" dismissive way. this is raw boyd. watch this 5 times and you may get most of what he projects in this sublime larry wessel documentary.

watch it. then watch it again, watch it some more... then come back to me once you evolve...

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brilliant work and metaphors, 2 June 2011

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i loved this film and the fact that it was brilliant in it's use of allegory and imagery! early on i definitely realized that there was at least one very over the top image in each vignette. not only is it a great way to re-engage a viewer to significance but you can also push boundaries which they chose to do! excellent. taboos need to be pushed occasionally just to show how much our world is messed up and to test your own moral compass. this succeeds admirably.

i love the comic book/graphic novel/pulp rag horror comics style. it works in the film as a good transition and i think sells the whole concept of short vignettes with a common theme.

this movie will turn some viewers off. just be aware that it is probably an even money guess if it was intended so or not. but the film still retains a sense of humor especially about itself.

a very strong 9 for me on this. i don't feel this way often about movies but when i do i tend to go with my instincts and like it despite what "joe schmoe" thinks of it. it is a cerebral film which most people will not get.

poorly edited and horribly ethnocentric, 1 October 2010

I watched this out of an interest in traditional Japanese culture and in particular the oyster divers. There were some good scenes in here that actually gave me the information I wanted to see. However, there was some horrible editing done to make the geisha's look like nothing more than high priced call girls. The narration done by the "American" is nothing more than an anti-Japanese viewpoint of the geisha life. There is misconceptions and outright lies propagated by that part of the film. If you are able to sift through the garbage and see only the good parts of this film, then watch it. If you believe everything you see on film, then skip this film

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The Bitches by Richard Kern, 12 August 2010

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The Bitches is a short film in the same vein as most of Richard Kern's work. It wants to shock you as much as possible in the shortest amount of time possible. I think this film has merit and I also think that there is some symbolism in it. The turn-around at the end can be a metaphorical reversal on typical roles for sure. The ending does not go where you think it will, unless you are an avid Kern fan and know his other work. That is all i will say on the end. ;).

The music is excellent, I have to agree with the other reviewer on that point. It adds a rather interesting and sublime counter-point to what is on screen and makes the rawness of the film go down a little easier (pun not intended, well maybe a little intended).

All in all a quick and dirty piece to shock the "Norms" out of their state of indifference. Worth the watch at least once and possibly one of the best Kern films to start with if you are new to his work.

hedwig and the angry activists!, 26 August 2007

being a huge fan of hedwig and the angry inch, i was very excited to see this documentary. i was not disappointed. this films follows a group of people who actually do something to help others in need and it is refreshing to see a cult hit go beyond the normal boundaries of a play/movie/soundtrack. i was moved by the kids in this film who just wanted an education and have suffered so much for their identity and education. i really wanted to give them all a big hug and let them know that some of us do care and that activism can do some good.

i was pleasantly pleased to see the crystal ballroom in this film, being from portland it definitely gave me a rush of excitement to see people from all over the country get involved. please go see this film and buy the album. help your fellow humans get an education.