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Just brilliant on all fronts, 25 September 2010

This movie played at the Telluride Film festival (2010) and I was fortunate to see it there. It has haunted me since I saw it- it is beautifully done, meaningful and truly a piece of art. It is masterfully directed and narrated and provides a unique view of Iraq, artfully illustrating the humanity of a part of the world that we hear portrayed so negatively in the news media. Everyone should see this movie- literally everyone. It was a consensus among the Telluride crowd that this movie ranked in the top movies to see at the festival. I certainly ranked it as the best film I saw there, and I saw several great films. None touched me like this one.

Tabloid (2010)
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Absolutely delightful, 25 September 2010

I saw this at the Telluride film festival and thought it was truly wonderful and to know this is a true story made it even more fun. I got tickled about 10 minutes into the film and did not stop laughing until the end.....actually after the end, because our group would throw quotes from the movie back and forth between us to instigate a laugh by all. I can't wait to see it again- and buy it so I can catch the nuances of the cartooning.

The orchestration of this 'documentary' is done in such a brilliant manner that it was a hit with everyone I spoke to in line at the festival. Even those who do not like reality TV (like myself), thought this was just worlds of fun.