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Colonel Bleep (1956– )
It's been 50 years since I saw this cartoon!
20 December 2008
I was born 1953 and grew up in the Chicagoland area. I always had very faint memories of seeing a cartoon about a guy in a space helmet, a boy in a cowboy hat and a caveman named "Scratch". "Scratch" is the only character name I could recall. The only episode I recall is the one where they use a time machine to go back to 1917 in the middle of a WW1 battle. Whenever I mention this show to anyone, including baby boomers my age, they thought I was making it up. No one remembered this show! I even searched and asked on the internet. I never met one person who recalled this cartoon. Imagine my amazement when I saw an ad in Filmfax magazine for DVD's of this show! I bought Volume 1 & 2 (hope they come out with them all) the WW1 episode is not on these DVD's. I'm now 55 and am watching a cartoon I'm sure I haven't seen since I was 5! Sure it's terrible, as a previous poster said, and I have to rate it awful, but this has great nostalgia value. Thanks!
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The Larry Sanders Show (1992–1998)
Why is this great show not on DVD?
11 November 2008
Why is this great show not on DVD? With all the worthless junk that is put out on DVD how can this classic, one of the best shows ever, not be on DVD? I blame HBO which has put out almost everything in it's library on DVD but overlooks this one. Or maybe there's hassling over rights to the show or royalties to the many stars who appeared on episodes. Maybe rights to the musical numbers are holding it up. Maybe Garry Shandling himself doesn't want it released. (I can't imagine why, it's the best thing he's ever done and would earn him millions). If nothing else HBO should rerun it so we can all tape it again. I never liked the syndicated reruns that censored all the funniest bits.
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Goodnight, My Love (1972 TV Movie)
8 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This may have started out as a light-hearted take-off on 40's film noir but ends up being just as good if not better than any of those classic films. One of the greatest casts ever assembled for any movie! All but Barabara Bain are gone now and we should mourn their passing. Richard Boone, Michael Dunn make such a pair I wish this had been picked up as series. I doubt they could have maintained such quality on a weekly basis. The background music, photography, writing, acting are all excellent. The way they evoke the 1940's really puts you in the mood. The story is a bit predictable and you'll spot the bad guy at first glance but it's all fun. Great Movie!
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FRENCH POSTCARDS DVD with Altered Music!
7 November 2008
I'm just watching the new DVD release of French Postcards and I'm sorry to say they have substituted all the music with elevator muzak. This is really a shame in that the original music soundtrack was one of the best things about this film. It was French language versions of pop hits such as "Do You Believe In Magic?" and "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" that was most memorable. This is still a fine film and I recommend it but I wish they would bring back the original soundtrack. I remember seeing this film on HBO back in the eighties when they ran the same film ten times a day and I would watch it just for the soundtrack. I advise you try to find an old VHS version with the original music. Also Debra Winger's role is so small it's ridiculous they try to promote it as "starring Debra Winger".
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Calcutta (1947)
22 September 2008
I like Alan Ladd but this is one of his weakest films. No plot. No excitement. Gail Russell is attractive but couldn't act if her life depended on it. She has the same facial expression throughout the film regardless of the scene. When she's told her fiancé has been murdered-no expression. When she's making out with Alan Ladd- no expression. If only Veronica Lake had been available. Ladd is always good. This was still at a time when they had him take off his shirt in every movie. And the Calcutta we see is entity on the Paramount backlot. Maybe with some decent writing, some villains, maybe a plot, this could have been something Quite a bore.
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World of Giants (1959– )
I remember this show!
17 April 2008
I remember this show! I grew up near Chicago and WGN, Ch 9, reran this show after school. It was known as "WOG". Most memorable was the opening in which the letters W...O...G would appear large on the screen zooming up at you. then the announcer would shout, "W.O.G, World Of Giants!". Even as kids we all laughed at the ridiculous premise Surely there must be some episodes on tape somewhere. I remember one episode where the bad guys steal the briefcase that Mel lives in. They find little toy furniture inside and think he's a doll salesman. I wish I could find a copy of this show somewhere. Does anyone know of any copies anywhere?
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