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People I'd like to see as father/mother and son/daughter and maybe will play the parts someday.
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So, I'm sure everyone else also gets the feeling they think two famous people look exactly alike until you look them up on IMDb and find they have a few different features. Here's a list of mine.
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Please don't hate on me just because this list conflicts with your own opinions, but if you have other suggestions, feel free to comment! :)
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For some reason, I'd get two actors mixed up even though they haven't been in the same projects and look nothing alike.
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Whenever I see someone, I'm 97% sure that they're a certain celebrity. Here's my list.
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I always look up TV shows or movies and find that their ratings are often in the 30% range. I still enjoy these projects, most of the time, because I find a deeper meaning behind the story and I don't just judge based on acting or casting. I focus on the work, not what's behind the work.
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I know this seems like a short list, but I'll gradually be adding more as I find them.