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Poison Pen (1939)
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Flora Delivers the Goods Again, 10 June 2002

A gripping little drama about a village that is scandalised by a series of poison pen letters. Considering when it was made some of the accusations in the letters are pretty racy. Flora Robson is excellent as always. Although it's predictable the ending is great!

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Bold but cold., 7 June 2002

I've read the book, by BS Johnson, that this film is based on and it's far better. I tried my best to like the film but I just couldn't care for any of the characters. Nick Moran is too pretty and too toned to convince as Christie. He needed to be a social outcast...not a catalogue model. You really couldn't understand why Christie had such a massive (and dangerous) chip on his shoulder.Neil Stuke livens things up a bit with a nice comic turn but it's pretty heavy going.

Nick Moran's arse is rather lovely though.

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Vile, 1 November 2001

I'm not easily shocked or revolted. I've sat through all sorts of gory horror films (I recently saw Audition and Battle Royale) and hardly flinched at all but I found this so called "comedy" utterly repulsive. The scene where Gord (Tom Green) delivered a baby whilst the mother screamed in fear& pain was grotesque. His character was utterly vile and so was the film.