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Low (2008)
A dark/funny/quirky 70's style 'Road Trip' movie
27 March 2008
It isn't Hope and Crosby. Not Wilder and Pryor. But if a dark, strange and ironic 70's style journey into the personal hell of two very touching characters is your bag, it's entirely happening with LOW. I loved this movie. It has it all. And with just enough subtle humor to keep it all engrossing.

One of the best things about this film is the complete unpredictability of the plot and the actions of the characters. I became completely lost in that 'rabbit hole' feeling -- that these two men are destined for something unexpected, perhaps insane, and inevitably dangerous.

I just saw the DVD version of 'No Country for Old Men' and this film has that sort of compelling, fateful quality to it. You feel, after the story has completely sucked you in, that you are there with these men, trapped in this desperate world where anything can happen but won't (or will it?), where something good is around the next corner but there are no street signs to guide you to it.

This film is a must-see. Can't wait for it to come out on DVD!!!
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Dick Richards (1996)
A reporter slowly uncovers the seedy truth about an ominous Hollywood casting agency.
15 July 2006
I saw this indie when it was released, and I managed to score a copy on DVD a few years later to my delight. I believe it's destined for cult status. 'Dick Richards' is a little gem that you can watch several times and still enjoy something you missed on the previous viewings. The story itself, beginning as a reporter's seemingly meandering investigation of a possible Hollywood scam, builds with deliciously dark wit to a jolting ending that manages to be at once chilling and hilarious. The pacing is perfection. The performers in both the starring and supporting roles are a riot. The script is a hoot. Julie, played with quirky poignancy by the then-unknown Ashley Judd, is fun -- and Mark Pelligrino as BoyToy is a kick (most recently starring as Dick Hickock in 'Capote').

After seeing this movie, I had nightmares about hand puppets and visiting the beach before breakfast for weeks. Well worth the time and money spent, which is really saying something these days.
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