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Top notch war drama all around, 6 September 2006

I believe this is the best war drama around concerning WWII naval action--and was the first major sea battle of WWII. The story is true as well as the fact that news of the battle was radio broadcast to some of the world at the time of action. Were any others possible as such--not likely--as the battles were usually far from land and news was slow in release. I see only a few faults other than those listed---officers and sailors out on deck watching 11 inch shells going over their heads--and they have no battle gear on? Out on open deck in battle? The Graf Spee (played by a US ship) has a radar dish spinning around on the upperworks. Radar did not exist in 1939 and if it had, the Graf Spee's ability to move about undetected would have been compromised to some extent (not in 1939). This great movie is a history lesson and must be seen. Well acted and produced thanks to the Brits!

The Gun of Zangara (1960) (TV)
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A combination of Fact & Fiction Untouchables Style, 19 January 2003

This TV Movie recalls facts concerning the actual attempted assassination of FDR in Miami. If you remember the Series The Untouchables with Robert Stack, then you will like this TV movie. This movie appeared long before Oliver Stone's JFK, but the combination of villains as seen in this movie calls to mind some issues regarding the JFK movie here. That being the Mob and a loner as highlighted in this movie. More then that, this movie was released several years before Kennedy's assassination.

Great series preceded by pilot movie "Gun of Zangara", 16 April 2001

This series was perhaps one of the greatest of those crime series produced for television. Should be noted that a TV movie pilot produced by Desilu --producer Quinn Martin was made starring Robert Stack. This movie is the true story of the attempted assasination of Franklin Roosevelt in Miami (in that attempt, the then mayor of the City of Chicago- Anton Cermack was fatally shot instead). The story is narrated by Walter Winchell and stars several other "Untouchables" actors (1960).

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Naval War Drama with interesting ending, 15 April 2001

Excellent British naval war movie with Jeffrey Hunter. There are few movies of this type --as this is centered on sea action. I think of the movie "Pursuit of the Graf Spree" when watching this movie. This movie takes awhile to get going but is worth the wait.

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Excellent movie of Jesus Christ, 15 April 2001

Movie of Jesus Christ seems to follow Ben Hur in emotional aspects. Music by Rozsa again makes this movie speak volumes. Jeffrey Hunter appears to be his best as Christ and fits that role here perfectly. Seeing this movie will make you want to go to church if you haven't done so.

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Sobering-brutal-excellent-drama of WWII, 15 April 2001

Movie of WWII era and William Holden's position as a business man caught up in the war. His dealings with Nazi Germany and the sorrow that war causes. You will never forget this movie once you see it. Should easily be in the top 50 of all time movies. Suspense packed movie after "groundwork" laid. Holden is brilliant. Suspenseful ending as well.

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A remarkable tale of villain versus good guy in frontier American West, 15 April 2001

Actor Lee Marvin is remarkable in this movie--a movie that has another great actor, John Wayne. A must see for those interested in the American western frontier. This movie makes such a strong statement about violence and control, one believes this could be an actual true story!! Lee Marvin could never be better than here. A pop song of "Liberty Valance" made the music charts soon after this movie was released and was popular on radio for a time.