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My first nightmare., 27 July 2006

I was sent on this project to supervise the animation very fast,in fact I was so excited to work on my first feature film that I never had time to look at the storyboard;I did only study the storyboard once on the plane going to 'Seoul' Korea.

When I realized how big the amount of flying ponies and running ponies on the screen,I looked at my ex-wife and said to her 'This is suicide......Why did I accept this crazy job?'.............

Well I did go to face my first feature film challenge and it was fun and hard,,,,I trained many people into animation just doing my best as always,and Michael Fallows joined the ranks to help supervise animation because the producers and directors might have had one year or mo0re to prepare their project,,,,but we had only 3 months to do all the production.

And I must give credit to 'Nelson Shin' who forced the producers to give us our credits for supervising the animation,,,they ignored us totally.Thanks 'Nelson'.

So making films is not an easy task,it takes passion or otherwise one cannot survive the experience.

Thank you. Pierre De Celles

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Hello I am back......., 27 July 2006

Hi ,my name is Pierre De Celles,I would like to have you know that I was supervising animation director on 'Spiral Zone' and my second in command supervising director was 'Georges Grammat';We had about 11 months and a few weeks to create 65 episodes,of which 15 shows went to 'Akom' in Korea,and the rest to 'Visual 80' in Japan.

It was a very difficult series to produce cause the show was realistic SC.-FI. a bit like 'Akira' the famous Japanese comic strip.

You can check on the website for 'Spiral Zone' # 3,you will find there a devoted bunch of fans,Chris Millar being the first one and in command of the site;I have submitted actual original artwork from the series to him.And we are hoping to get the rights to make all 65 episodes available on DVD format for the fans.

I kept all 65 episodes on tape and some of the Artwork for the last 20 years,I am proud of that because we do not know what was the faith of the negatives,films or 3/4 inch tapes,was everything lost ????? So thank you very for the opportunity to share this with you. Pierre De Celles

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An incredible experience, 27 July 2006

Hello,I did vote to help the film's cause a bit,cause I directed it,and the total schedule time was no more then 5 months and a half;Now imagine Disney trying to make a film that fast,we had 2 months and a half to prepare designs,storyboard ( 6 weeks ),locations,art direction,etc.,etc....

Then we had 3 months only to lay it out,animate it,do BG's,shoot it....And we only pencil tested no more then 10 scenes for a dance sequence,the rest was done with me guessing by writing the exposure sheets and checking drawings,and actual cells to find the in-between mistakes.The editors we're going crazy to get the film finish on time for the screening,so many mistakes we're made that we had fixed,but they ended up in the final cut anyways.

So I would just like to say that it was a hell of a challenge,and we produced it in Taiwan,so we did not have Disney caliber talent,but I am glad no matter what, it was an experience I don't regret even if it did make mean having to work 7 days a week and an average of 14 hours a day.My blessings go to everyone that was involved with the project,they all worked very hard to do their best.

Thank you. Pierre De Celles