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Full Body Massage (1995) (TV)
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stupendous breasts make it worth watching, 23 December 2004

I can't really remember much of what this film was supposed to be about, some sort of philosophical ramblings delivered whilst a bloke massages a woman. Who cares? The fact is, you get to see a lot of the glorious Mimi Rogers and her awesome breasts and magnificent buttocks. If that makes me sound like a sad pervert, so be it. To be honest the rest of the film sent me to sleep. How is it that I have to drag myself to work very day and Bryan Brown gets to oil Mimi Rogers up for a living? Okay, so he has some acting talent - not a lot mind you - and I have none, but it's still not fair. In my opinion his finest hour was not his version of Hamlet at the Old Vic but keeping his pants under control during this shoot.... I certainly take my hat off to him for that.

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good clean fun, 6 December 2003

I enjoyed this film and so did my children. I can't see why anyone would consider this a poor film, it's only meant to be a bit of fun and it appeals to the traditional British love of the anus and flatulence. Rupert Grint is really excellent. In style the film reminded me a bit of Ron Bassett, England Manager - without the swearing.

beautiful film, 28 December 2002

This is a lovely gentle film, it has no gunfights, car chases, profanities or explosions so I suppose it appeals to a niche market, but I liked it. The storyline is simple but deals with major themes like bereavement, parenthood and belonging, and was very moving at times. The acting was excellent. How anyone can call it boring is beyond me.

Play Time (1994)
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refreshingly different soft core, 4 May 2002

Since for the most part this film features different examples of people pleasuring themselves whilst watching others it will clearly appeal to the solo viewer. It certainly appealed to me. The ladies are a little flat chested and, naturally, the scenes aren't hard enough, but it's not bad. Join in the fun, they really want you to you know!

Electra (1996)
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Shannon Tweed's finest hour, 9 March 2002

This is my favourite Shannon Tweed film, even though she actually reveals much less of her magnificent body than I would have liked. Nevertheless the sight of her in latex basque, with wild make up and hair, straddling her adopted son - who is manacled to a revolving table of course - and and then forcing him to give his seed to her is one to remember. Magnificent. As is Shannon's pathetic attempt at resistance when she is strapped down and pleasured by the two lesbian henchwomen. A completely over the top film which is great fun. Better than the usual limp efforts that that the great Shannon seems to have spend half her career wasted on. At least with his effort we can have a laugh as well as simply pleasuring ourselves. Just give us what we want Shannon - over the top nudity!

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A great picture, 28 February 2002

Lovely animation and a simple but involving story. I enjoyed the voice overs and the feeling of purity and innocence that the woodland scenes invoked in me. And best of all, no sex to pollute young minds. Well done to all concerned!

A great film whatever your age, 10 July 2001

I didn't plan to watch this but my children got hold of it on video when we were on holiday and played it at least twice a day for a week. They absolutely loved it. What surprised me was that when I eventually gave in and watched it I loved it too. It is VERY clever and superbly well made, with, despite a few nods to the colonials over the pond, a very British sense of humour. Thoroughly recommended.

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A unique and thought provoking piece of work, 15 April 2001

This is a great production which is far superior to any of the 'epic' real life re-tellings of the life of Jesus. If you look at the list of theological advisors in the credits at the end of the film you will see part of the reason why - rather than a dramatic Hollywood interpretation of the story, this work is part based on the thoughts of people who have spent a lifetime reflecting on what Jesus meant. That means rather more depth than we get with, for example, John Wayne as a centurion in The Greatest Story Ever Told. Plus the puppets and animation mean that the audience (or at least myself) aren't distracted by the sets and the actors. It's real, but has an other worldly edge that makes it different. Very strongly recommended.