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The Gathering (2003/III)
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Original rubber neckers, 4 February 2007

Original rubber neckers The Gathering is about a girl who knows something is wrong and can't remember why. She is struck by a car and winds up trying to protect the step son of the woman that hit her. During the film you find out that there are a group of people who watched the crucifixion of Christ just for the sake of watching and for that they are destined to walk the earth watching every tragic event in human history. The few twists at the end explain everything. A little slow, but well done for a story that could really be told in 15 minutes. (Ratings: Bad=1; Average=5; One of the best=10); Acting=08; Plot=08; Scenery=04; Character believability=06; Continuity=05; Dialog=05; Directing=07; Casting=05; Special effects=05; Overall Rating=06

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frantically suspenseful, 3 February 2007

Nothing's out there Night Skies is about a person who insists that he and a group of people were abducted by aliens during that big UFO sighting that happened in Arizona in March 1997. The introduction tells you that some people came up with stories through memory regression therapy. Truthfully, I wished the entire group of characters had been abducted and never returned. The characters were a bunch of morons. If this was a true story, these people should never reproduce. Other than that, the film was frantically suspenseful.

(Ratings: Bad=1; Average=5; One of the best=10); Acting=04; Plot=04; Scenery=02; Character believability=03; Continuity=05; Dialog=05; Directing=07; Casting=08; Special effects=05; Overall Rating=04

Unknown (2006)
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Group amnesia, 3 February 2007

Group amnesia Unknown is about a group of guys who wake up in a locked factory and can't remember who they are or how to get out. Clues are dropped along the way as they figure out they were poisoned by a gas that leaked into the air causing the amnesia. They figure out that they are all involved in a kidnapping and other members of the gang are heading back to the factory with the ransom and the cops in pursuit. They struggle to figure out who the bad guys and good guys are. Then everything becomes apparent when the others arrive. (Ratings: Bad=1; Average=5; One of the best=10); Acting=08; Plot=08; Scenery=02; Character believability=07; Continuity=07; Dialog=05; Directing=07; Casting=08; Special effects=05; Overall Rating=07

Prey (2007/I)
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Cat version of Cujo, 3 February 2007

Cat version of Cujo If you've seen Stephen King's Cujo, you'll like Prey. Prey is about a step mom and two kids who get stuck in a Range Rover on the African savanna and are stalked by a pride of man eating lions. Dad goes off to work leaving step mom to bond with the kids on a sight seeing trip. The guide gets killed by a lion and the girl bickers to the point where she deserves a good face slap. They make mistake after mistake and you're never quite sure whether they are going to be rescued.

(Ratings: Bad=1; Average=5; One of the best=10); Acting=06; Plot=05; Scenery=08; Character believability=07; Continuity=05; Dialog=05; Directing=07; Casting=07; Special effects=04; Overall Rating=06

Idiocracy (2006)
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Idiots can reach powerful positions, 2 February 2007

Idiocracy is about a hooker and an average GI Joe who are forcibly volunteered to take part in a cryogenics program in the military. Of course the program goes wrong and the volunteers wake up 500 years in the future where a WWF wrestler has been elected president (from Minnesota I think) and the populations IQ is lower than a pregnant snakes belly. The film follows the volunteers around as they try and make it back to their own time while avoiding the pitalls of being average in a way below average society. (Ratings: Bad=1; Average=5; One of the best=10); Acting=05; Plot=08; Scenery=08; Character believability=07; Continuity=05; Dialog=05; Directing=08; Casting=07; Special effects=05; Overall Rating=06

Saw III (2006)
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another in the saw series, 2 February 2007

Yet another slasher film Saw 3 is the latest in the Saw series about a dying man turned serial killer trying to teach people the meaning of life. One man is challenged to save the people who killed his son and the judge who let the killer off on a technicality. A brain surgeon is tasked with a brain operation on the master mind knowing that if his heart stops, she get blown to bits. The ending may be a surprise to most. Worth watching if you liked the others (Ratings: Bad=1; Average=5; One of the best=10); Acting=05; Plot=06; Scenery=07; Character believability=07; Continuity=08; Dialog=05; Directing=08; Casting=07; Special effects=07; Overall Rating=07

animated who done it, 27 January 2007

Hoodwinked is about an evil mastermind that tries to take over a product market by illegal means. A regular who done it with multiple converging story lines and animated characters playing all the roles. The villain is not fully disclosed until near the end, but you can figure out pretty quickly who it is. The thing that sets this film apart is the animation. Nothing too unique about anything else in the film. It was interesting and entertaining. (Ratings: Bad=1; Average=5; One of the best=10); Acting=05; Plot=04; Scenery=06; Character believability=06; Continuity=08; Dialog=05; Directing=08; Casting=05; Special effects=05; Overall Rating=05

good witch story, 27 January 2007

The Covenant is about five families of New England witches that share a covenant of silence for mutual protection. One of those families is abandoned to the witch trials by the others centuries before because of indiscretions and the descendant holds a grudge. A wild card witch shows up under cover and attempts to destroy the covenant that has held the witches secret for centuries. The typical alpha male meets another alpha male and the fight begins. Lots of special effects. (Ratings: Bad=1; Average=5; One of the best=10); Acting=07; Plot=04; Scenery=06; Character believability=06; Continuity=05; Dialog=05; Directing=08; Casting=09; Special effects=07; Overall Rating=08

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Frat house humor, 27 January 2007

Employee of the Month is a frat level situation comedy about a ner-do-well who becomes enamored with a newly hired beauty and finds a reason to compete with the local brown noser to be the employee of the month at a warehouse style store. The beauty is wrongly accused of sleeping with any employee of the month, but the competitors don't figure that out until it is too late. Lots of comedic situations bring some almost belly laughs as the whacky crew backing up their favorite competitor gets involved in the antics. In the end there is of course a moral to the story that becomes evident. This is a class B film with few technical problems. Definitely worth the watch if you like this kind of humor. (Ratings: Bad=1; Average=5; One of the best=10); Acting=07; Plot=03; Scenery=02; Character believability=07; Continuity=05; Dialog=05; Directing=07; Casting=07; Overall Rating=05

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campy low budget laugh, 25 January 2007

Flesh Eating Mothers, well what can one say. The title sounded hilarious and it was campy kind of funny with some gags and enough special effects to make a go of a horror film. Mothers get a venereal disease that turns them into flesh eating wicked looking gangs. Of course the film was made back in the day when VD was easily cured. There is not much to compliment here, but I think they were just trying to make a film with a funny theme to get people's attention. They seemed to have a lot of fun making it and I can just imagine what the outtakes would have looked like if they were included. In the end, this is a class D film.

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