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Hush (2016/I)
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Hmmmmm..., 15 August 2016

this film surprised me in a good's taut,suspenseful and's a bit like the movies Hard Target(jean Claude Van Damm) Surviving the Game(Rutger Hauer,Ice-T),or the classic The Most Dangerous Game(1932).the only difference is this one's on a smaller scale and our main character is's unpredictable and I wasn't sure how it would for the acting Kate Siegel(who also co-wrote the film)stars as our heroine Maddie.Maddie is a very sympathetic character and you can't help but root for her.after watching The movie The Invitation(which I found uninspiring and sorely lacking any thing good) just prior to this movie,I was relieved that the nite wasn't a total loss.for me,Hush is an 8/10

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the wheels on the bus go round and round...., 15 August 2016

well.that was different.this thing moves very ponderously.and it felt too talky and preachy for my tastes. nothing of any import happens for almost the entire film.i'm not sure how to categorize it.i wouldn't call it a thriller,because it isn't thrilling.i guess it was a drama,but it wasn't compelling to me.i was hoping for something profound to happen.but no luck.and ,there was no payoff.the movie ended and that was that.i didn't really see the point of it all.and maybe that's just me.the current rating for this movie is 6.6 on this site.that's more than a bit generous ,in my's entirely possible I am out to lunch and there is actually a good movie somewhere here,but I didn't see it.i will say I liked the orchestral was the best part of the film.overall,though nothing to write home about.for me THe Invitation is a 3/10

The Gift (2015/VI)
very entertaining, 15 August 2016

The Gift is a very good psychological suspense's well acted and builds suspense at a good pace.Jason Bateman star as Simon and Rebecca Hall plays his wife Robyn.they have a seemingly normal life until they meet up by chance with a former high school acquaintance of Simon.and that's when things begin to change,and bot in a good say any more might ruin things for some I won't go any deeper into the plot.Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall are both very convincing here.and Joel Edgerton (who wrote the script,produced the film,directed the film and stars in it)is excellent as the the one time acquaintance of Simon.i was very entertained for the duration of the film right to the end.for me,The gift is an 8/10

Evolution (2001)
hysterically funny sci/fi adventure, 15 August 2016

I can't believe I haven't reviewed this movie until' stars Stars Orlando Jones and David Duchovny as two professors/colleagues who stumble onto something out of this world.i won't give any more of the plot away than'll have to see it for's played for laughs and it comes by those laughs's very funny.there are some hysterically funny scenes.but it's not just a's also a sci/fi/adventure film.Julianne Moore, Ted Levine and Sean William Scott also star and are very good here.the wring is very good here with some great dialogue.of course this is just my opinion.for me,Evolution is a well deserved 8/10

moving and affecting, 15 August 2016

Julianne Moore stars as Alice,who is diagnosed with Alzheimer's.the bulk of the movie details her struggle to cope with the dsease and its effect on her family and friends.Alec Baldwin plays her sympathetic and understanding husband.Kate Bosworth plays one of her daughters and is good in the role,but I was most impressed with Kristen Stewart as her other daughter.i thought she put in an excellent performance and was very convincing in the might expect this type of movie to be dreary and depressing,but surprisingly it's's actually affecting hopeful and's well acted and directed,with dialogue that feels genuine.for me,Still Alice is an 8/10

thrilling and dark, 15 August 2016

I liked this's sort of in a similar vein as the original The Omen(1976)and it has a fair amount of thrilling scenes.there's lots of action.the acting is good all around. Arnold Schwarzenegger stars ,with Robin Tunney and Kevin Pollock.Gabriel Byrne who also starred in Stigmata the same year,is in this film as well.the rest of the supporting cast is also very good.for me,this supernatural thriller is exactly's very thrilling and dark,although there are some amusing bits to to release the tension.if you like this movie,i would recommend the original Omen(1976)and the remake (2006 for me,End of Days is a 7/10

Stigmata (1999)
not quite as good as End of Days(with Arnie), 14 August 2016

I thought this was a pretty good supernatural's not at all boring and the acting is very good especially Gabriel Byrne and Patricia Arquette,the two leads.this is one of two supernatural thrillers I have watched recently,the other being End of Days starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.i actually liked that movie more than this one for a couple reason.but I digress.lets just say that Stigmata has a a few exiting sequences,but i wish it had more.having said that,i will also say that the movie is not boring by by any stretch of the imagination.and it looked good.i just feel they could have fleshed out the main characters at least a little come to think of it,they could also have fleshed out the story a bit more,as well.despite this.i enjoyed the movie.for me,Stigmata is a 6/10

a Departure for Katie Holmes, 14 August 2016

I really enjoyed this little's a departure for Katie Holmes and she is more than up to the challenge.she is utterly convincing in her role of mild mannered teacher/ could really sympathise with her character even if you feel you shouldn't.but she also has a lot to work with.the acting of her co stars is very good here.and I thought the writing was very good especially the dialogue.i also liked the look of the film,the use of colour.i found the film to be unpredictable and I didn't see the end(as subtle as it was) coming at all.when you add it all up,it's a very well done film.i give Miss Meadow an 8/10

Noah (2014)
awful,awful,awful, 14 August 2016

what a disappoint this movie was.i don't even know where to begin.i suppose the story is as good a place as any to begin.boring-is one word for it.and I know it isn't a documentary,but if you are religious and believe the bible story,you will likely hate this movie ,because it throws anything remotely biblical out the window.or maybe that won't bother you.just be warned that almost all of the biblical storyline is missing as far as I can tell.and as much as I generally like Russel Crowe,i feel his talent is wasted on this awful piece of of work.this is one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time,although it is not the worst movie I have ever seen,so based on that,i give Noah a 2(just barely)/10.

excellent origin story, 14 August 2016

I had very low hopes going into this movie.however,i was more than pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed every aspect of it.the acting is very good all around.but I also thought the pacing was excellent.the writing was strong.the action scenes are stellar.and the slower dramatic scenes were well done.i thought the music fit the film very much as I liked Dracula (1992)by Francis Ford Coppola, I thought Dracula Untold was way more entertaining and dare I say it,a better film overall.of course these are two completely different movies,and this is only my opinion.for me,Dracula Untold is a stellar 10/10.

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