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Hardbodies (1984)
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not that great, 27 March 2011

what can i say about this alleged 80's sex comedy other than it was pretty lame.i didn't laugh once.i watched it all the way through hoping for a few laughs,but it was not meant to be.there was some female nudity, though not as much as you would expect from a sex comedy. i did like the the main character was actually a likable guy.the acting wasn't as bad as it could have been for this genre,and the dialogue wasn't too hokey either.besides that though,i can't think of a lot positives about the was fairly short,so i guess that's a good thing.if all you're interested is seeing a half dozen or so naked breasts then this is your movie.for me,Hardbodies is a 4/10

Inception (2010)
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a victim of the over hype machine, 27 March 2011

i might be in the minority here but i was not blown away by this film.don't get me wrong.i enjoyed,ans it's well made,and has an interesting concept(the art of stealing a person's secrets from their subconscious while they are dreaming.but to me,it didn't(or couldn't) live up to the has its good isn't boring and the acting is first rate,especially by Leonardo DiCaprio.i liked the look of the film too.many people i know have said it was so complex that they had to watch it more than once to understand it.i don't agree.i didn't find it complex at all.think it's well worth watching,but like i said,It just had too much hype to live up to.but that's just me opinion.for me,Inception is a 7/10

Buried (2010)
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what would you do if you were buried alive?, 27 March 2011

Paul Conroy wakes up to find himself buried in a coffin armed only with a cell phone and a lighter.the rest of the film is a race against time to find away out before losing his oxygen and dying.for a movie that take place in one setting,this one was quite's a race against for someone to find Paul ans save him.this one goes right down to the wire.the success or failure rides on the performing of Ryan Reynolds since he is in every scene and his character is the only on screen character.Reynolds does an admirable job carrying the film.obviously claustrophobic feeling adds tension to the film as well.for me,Buried is a 7/10

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a slight improvement on the original, 26 March 2011

i found this sequel to Attack of the Killer Tomatoes to be a slightly better movie.for one thing,it's high energy and not,the music in this one is actually not annoying.however,i still didn't think it was funny at all.some of the gags are just too stupid too be funny.but that's just my opinion.again,i wouldn't watch it again in a long wasted just over an hour and a half when i had nothing else to do.again,it's all about the novelty factor with this one.there's a third one entitled Killer Tomatoes Eat France,which is likely more of the same,so i'll be skipping that one.for me,Return of the Killer Tomatoes!is a 5/10

not what i expected, 26 March 2011

i was expecting this movie to be one of those so bad it's good films,but i was disappointed.found it boring through.all of the gags fell flat,i never laughed felt more like a drama than anything isn't a horrible movie,but i expected more from a cult classic.maybe you just have to be in the right frame of mind for the jokes to be funny.i obviously wasn't.the main theme song did nothing but annoy more,as did any of the other songs in the movie.but this just my opinion.if nothing else,it's worth watching for the novelty factor.but i can't see myself watching it again anytime soon.for me,Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!is a 4/10

Skyline (2010)
not your typical sci-fi movie, 26 March 2011

in fact,this was much better than a lot of junk that passes for sci-fi theses days.there are no over the top inspirational speeches,no overly patriotic flag cornball dialogue.the characters were your typical people.there were no heroic "i'll save the day" moments.instead they acted like most people probably would during***possible minor spoiler***what appears to be an alien invasion***end of spoiler.this was a refreshing change for this genre.the acting was good too.the ending was kind of odd.not a bad ending,just odd.i also really liked the fact that there wasn't any sweeping orchestral music placed at strategic moments to get you all inspired.this movie didn't need any of that.for me,Skyline is an 8/10

Altitude (2010)
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altitude, 26 March 2011

i liked this movie.its not completely original,but than again most movies today aren't.i liked the tense atmosphere it also has some moments that get your adrenaline pumping.the acting was pretty good,in my opinion.there's not much in the way of character development here,since the movie jumps right into the action fairly quickly.but that didn't bother me in this get enough of sense of each person as the story goes along.the music is not memorable at all,and i'm not sure if that's good or bad.overall,this was not a bad fact,i'd say it's pretty decent,especially for a lazy weekend,when you have nothing else going on.for me,Altitude (2010)is a 6/10

Hereafter (2010)
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does the hereafter really exist?, 26 March 2011

that's what this film,produced and directed by Clint Eastwood is's the story of three people whose lives intersect through separate tragic events.the film doesn't give an opinion one way or another about whether the hereafter exists or not. the viewer has to draw their own conclusions.the acting is very good here.Matt Damon puts in a very understated performance as a reluctant psychic.actually the whole film is rather understated.the movie is very well paced and flows very smoothly from one scene to the's a very dramatically compelling film that draws you in to the story.i really enjoyed it.for me,Hereafter is an 8/10

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not as good as casino Royale, 26 March 2011

this Bond film is much darker than Casino Royale,(which i thought was brilliant)the previous one.Bond is it's also the only one that is a continuation of a previous Bond film,as far as i know.this one has a fair amount of action,which are all well done,but ti also has its slow spots.the storyline is not as fleshed as i thought it could have been.there are some characters that had very little to do.however,i still enjoyed the film.i just don't feel it was on the same level of Casino Royale.i would still recommend it as worth watching.but lets hope the next Bond film is an improvement.for me,Quantum of Solace is a 6/10

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entertaining thriller, 25 March 2011

i thought this was a pretty good little kept me entertained throughout,and it never became boring.In a nutshell,it's a about a guy who blows up a roller coaster ride and extorts money from the owners of other amusement parks to keep more of the same from happening to their roller coasters.Timothy Bottoms plays the psychopath,with George Segal as his main nemesis.Bottoms is quite chilling and cold,and Segals' character matches wits for a young Helen Hunt,as well.i really liked the music by Lalo Schifrin,which is reminiscent of Bernard really added to the atmosphere.the tension and suspense is down to the wire in this one.for me,Roller-coaster is a 6/10

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