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Monsters, Inc., 11 April 2011

i didn't find Monsters,Inc all that funny,although i did chuckle a few times.i did find it very entertaining's quite fast paced,and it's certainly never boring.i liked the witty banter between the two main characters James P. "Sulley" Sullivan(voiced by John Goodman)and Mike Wazowski(voiced by Billy Crystal).i loved all the characters,but Randall Boggs(voiced by Steve Buscemi)was probably my favourite. speaking of the voices,there couldn't have been a better cast.every actor/actress fit the voice of their character perfectly.there are a few mildly frightening scenes,but generally,this is a film the whole family can enjoy.for me,Monsters, Inc. is a 7/10

12 Rounds (2009)
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solid action film, 11 April 2011

this was a pretty solid action film,in my won't win any awards for originality,but it had some exciting was fast paced,and never boring.the acting was good as well.John Cena makes a decent action hero also thought Ashley Scott was decent as Molly Porter,the love interest,though it seems many people disagree on that score.The action sequences were well done,i thought.Renny Harlin(Die Hard 2)directed the film.if you just want to shut your brain off and be entertained for a little over an hour and a half,this movie would work nicely.if you're for something to challenge you,this isn't the right movie.myself,i found it an entertaining diversion.for me,Twelve Rounds is a 6/10

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Fantasia 2000, 11 April 2011

this film is basically an updated version of the original Fantasia,with the same concept.the film is presented in segments which are set classical music and animation,(which is exquisite)some having a story and others not.there are a few segments that really standout for me in this is Rhapsody in Blue,which i thought was fantastic.i also loved The Steadfast Tin Soldier.and i thought Carnival of the Animals,although very short,was hysterical.finally,i also really enjoyed The Firebird Suite 1919 version.once again though,if you're not a fan of classical music,you won't likely enjoy this film.i actually liked this film slightly more than the original.for me,Fantasia 2000 is an 8/10

Fantasia (1940)
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Fantasia, 11 April 2011

it took me awhile,but i finally got around to viewing this this film.most of the film is a series of segments set to classical music and animation.some have a story,others do not.of course the most well known of the segments is probably The sorcerer's Apprentice,(which was recently turned into a full length feature film)which i really enjoyed.but i also really liked Dance of the Hours,Night on Bald Mountain,and Ava Maria.those are just a few of my favourites.if you're fan of classical music,you will probably really enjoy Fantasia.if classical music isn't your thing,you might want to avoid this film.for me,Fantasia is a 7/10

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creepy and unpredictable, 11 April 2011

for a movie with Eli Roth's name attached to it,this one's not as sick and depraved as i thought it might be(though there is a pretty sick scene involving a cat)it's actually a pretty effective's definitely's certainly unpredictable.the film seems to be leading in one direction,only to change course.i wasn't expecting the ending at all.the acting was very good,especially from Ashley Bell,who plays Nell.the film is rated 5.8/10 here on this site,which is close to what i would rate's no masterpiece,but it's the first film attached in some way to Eli Roth that i found worth watching.for me,The Last Exorcism is a 6/10

intense drama,good acting, 10 April 2011

to my surprise this remake was actually a pretty good's Directed by Tony Scott,so i had reservations going in,but overall this movie works.John Travolta(as the villain)and Denzel Washington(as the hero)play well off each other.there's plenty of intense drama,good dialogue and eventually some good action sequences.the acting is very good here from both Travolta and Washington,and the supporting cast.this one has a more expanded story than the get to know the two main characters a bit.the movie is probably fairly realistic in its portrayal of how the the characters would react in that kind of situation.anyway,i was very entertained by the whole thing.for me,The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 is an 8/10

Death Race 2 (2010) (V)
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pretty much ignores the first movie, 8 April 2011

(this comment refers to the unrated version)Death Race 2 pretty much ignores the first Death Race,as if it didn't's own story.and for me,it's a better takes time to build a story,to develop a plot and some characters.there's more going on here than in the original's just as brutally violent as the first one was,but i actually found it much more exciting.the acting was actually pretty decent.much better than i would have expected given that the movie was a direct to video release with mostly unknown actors.the movie won't change your life or anything,but it will get your adrenaline pumping for 90 plus minutes.for me,Death Race 2 is an 8/10

Death Race (2008)
lots of car crashes and blood and guts, 8 April 2011

i liked this gets right into the action and doesn't really let up until the end,there's zero character development since there isn't really any time for that sort of thing.there of lots of things bowing up.lots of dead bodies and's all pretty exciting stuff.i wonder what Joan Allen was doing in this particular movie though.this seems a bit below her class level,and i kinda of felt she didn't really belong in the movie.maybe she owed someone a favour.anyway if you just want to shut your brain off for 90 plus minutes and not have to think,you may enjoy this movie.sometimes you need to do that.for me,Death Race is a 7/10

MacGruber (2010)
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works well as a straight action movie, 7 April 2011

i actually enjoyed this movie based on a Saturday Night Live character.most movies based on an SNL character don't work too well.but this one worked,at least in my's billed as a comedy/ action film.i didn't think it was overly funny,though there were some amusing moments.for me,the movie worked as a straight action film.i found it entertaining on that level.if it had been made and marketed as a straight action film,it may have done better at the box office.never having seen the SNL character the movie is based,it's hard to say how funny the character was on the show.all i know is,i was entertained for 90 or so minutes. for me,MacGruber is a 6/10

Tangled (2010)
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great cg animated film from Disney, 7 April 2011

i thought this was a great cg animated film from's one of the best animated film i have seen in a long time.the colours are vibrant,the animation is excellent.i liked all the characters.the songs were all good.i liked the story.i thought it was well's also a fast paced and adults alike should enjoy this's basically about Rapunzel the girl with the really long golden blond's rated PG for some brief mild violence,so it might be a bit too much for the really young kids.parents should use their discretion of course.generally,though it's a movie the family can enjoy.for me,Tangled is a 9/10

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