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four friends from the city go on a whitewater rafting trip,and get more than they bargained for, 9 September 2016

even though this movie came out in 1972,it still stands up well,in my opinion.the acting is outstanding here and the changes the four main characters go through feel genuine.the movie has one very disturbing sequence and it's not so much what you see(the film is not really graphic compared to today's standards),but it's more what you hear and your mind fills in the rest.compared to similar films today,this one is rather doesn't overdo it on gore or blood and relies on suspense and tension to keep the story going.i myself prefer that approach(though I have also enjoyed the blood and guts spectacle of some film,but on a different level.for me,deliverance is a 7/10.

Contagion (2011)
thought provoking, 9 September 2016

I was entertained by this film.i thought it was well acted,well written and well's also plausible that this could actually fact,it has happened more than once,which makes it all the more enthralling and really care for the least I poses questions that we do not have the answer for.will the next occurrence be on a bigger scale?will we be ready for it? and is it possible the population could be decimated?nobody knows.we can only hope we are prepared for any eventually and respond accordingly.anyway,that's enough soapbox preaching.for me, contagion is a solid 7/10

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creepy,Gothic horror, 8 September 2016

once again we have a well done horror film,one that doesn't rely on blood and guts.instead it builds on suspense and's also very creative,in my opinion.i like the whole concept of the film,and found it very really makes you think and poses a lot of questions.the acting is first rate all around,but I have to single out Suchitra Pillai who plays Piki.she exudes creepiness,in my opinion.i also like the ending.i hope they make a sequel.if they do,and they stick to the formula of this one,there's no reason why it can't be as good.but this is just my opinion.for me,The Other Side of the Door is a well deserved 8/10

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terrifying for all the wrong reasons, 8 September 2016

man,this thing was awful.brutally awful.bad acting.bad writing.bad was not realistic.the characters were not believable in the slightest.this film uses the tag line "based on true events".that is such a cliché nowadays and means absolutely is simply a marketing ploy to lure consumers in.there's really not a lot of positive things I can say for this piece of work.i just found the whole thing ridiculous and tedious.of course that's subjective.others may find this to be good movie.i did see a positive review on this site.the current rating of this movie on this site is 3.3/10.but for me,Amityville Terror is a 2/10

No Escape (2015/I)
Owen Wilson makes a good action hero.and Lake Bell is very good., 6 September 2016

an American man(Owen Wilson)his wife (Lake Bell)and their two daughters(Sterling Jerins who is also in the Conjuring one and two,and Claire Geare) end up relocating to Asia,as Wilson's character(along with his wife and daughter)is transferred. while there they are caught up in the middle of a violent and bloody military uprising and must fight to stay alive.Pierce Brosnan also stars.i'll admit I was skeptical going in,not being sure Owen Wilson could carry an action movie.on his own.turns out he makes a good action hero.but Lake Bell,who I usually don't like, all,surprised me here.she was very solid and believable in her role.for me,No Escape is a 7.5/10

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why aren't you laughing?, 6 September 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed this film.i thought it flowed well and I like the's a bit dark and intense at times.the voice work is first rate here.all the voices fit the characters brilliantly.i thought the dialogue was well written.i like the whole movie from beginning to end,but I especially liked the was subtle and least,i didn't expect it.not having read the graphic novel the movie is based on,i have no idea how faithful it was to the source material,but i enjoyed it,nonetheless.i have seen a handful of animated batman movies and this was as good as any of them.for me, Batman: The Killing Joke is a well deserved 7/10.

The BFG (2016)
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good for the eight to ten year crowd, 6 September 2016

I knew nothing about this movie going in,but my roommate convinced me to see it.he had read the book(by Roald Dahl) in the fourth grade and wanted to see if the movie was as god as the book.a mutual friend also joined us,but walked before it was over.he had actually fallen asleep at one point.while I I didn't hate the movie,i was bored at times.i laughed a few times,but not a lot.i also thought it was a about thirty minutes too will probably like the film,although it may be a tiny bit too dark for real young kids.i think it is certainly appropriate for the eight to ten yer crowd.incidentally,this is not the first time the book has been made into a was made into animated film in 1989.for me,THE BFG is a 4.5/10

Oculus (2013/I)
builds slowly but is worth the wait, 6 September 2016

I liked this builds slowly,giving us a good backstory and some character development along the jumps back and forth from the present to the past but it's not's actually easy to follow .thought the acting was stellar,and especially Katie Sackhoff and Rory Cochrane,who play husband and wife.there are more than a few nail biting moments here and the music is used to great effect,elevating the I aid,it does build takes about thirty minutes or so to get going, but once it does it's more than worth the wait,in my opinion.if you wanna know more,you 'll have to watch the movie. for me,Oculus is a 6.6/10

a hot mess, 6 September 2016

enjoyed this movie,to a's got a action galore and it it has some funny moments.however,there is basically no character development and the plot(if you can call it that)is all over the map.the acting is god enough all around,given what the actors had to work with.Jesse Eisenberg is the male lead,and is decent enough.but I have to single out Kristen Stewart(as the female lead) who steals the show,in my opinion.she gets a of hate for some reason but i also saw her in Still Alice,where she was also very good.anyway back to American I mentioned before,there are some funny moments,many of them courtesy of John Leguizamo.Connie Briton and Topher Grace also star.ll in all,not a bad I said I enjoyed it but as soon as it was over,it started to fade from memory.for me American Ultra is a 5.6/10

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claustrophobic suspense thriller, 5 September 2016

this is one nifty little suspense thriller.once it gets going,it grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go until the end credits.i don't want to give away the plot,but lets just say that just because someone seems helpless,doesn't mean they are,as our three main characters find out when they break into a house to steal any thing of value.problem is,they picked the wrong house to rob.the owner of the house is blind but far from our trio get much more than they bargained for.Stephen Lang plays the blind man and is pitch perfect here.the other here main actors are good,but Stephen Lang steals the show in my opinion.for me,Don/t breathe is a 9/10.

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