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decent enough, 29 September 2016

I went into this movie with low expectations.i picked it up for a very low price.however,i have to say,it's actually not a bad movie.i chuckled more than a few times,and laughed out loud two or three's a pleasant enough diversion.Dolph Lundgren plays the main role here,and he is pretty good in the role.he handles the comedic bits pretty well.Bill Bellamy plays his partner,and is also good.but Danny Watley is very funny as their overbearing,always shouting boss,as is Michael P.Northey as the somewhat dim witted,clueless's a decent movie,especially if you keep your expectations low.i would recommend it for a watch.Kindergarten Cop 2 is a 6/10

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Nancy(Blake Lively)battles a great white shark., 29 September 2016

this movie exceeded my expectations.i thought it would be decent to good,but's it's much better than's a riveting,unrelenting thrill ride for the most between the action,there are moments of calm and quiet,which allows the audience to release some built up tension and adrenaline.Blake Lively plays Nancy,a surfer who is attacked by a great white shark and has to fight for her life and make it to shore,which is only two hundred yards away but might as well be miles.the. rest of the movie details her struggle.Blake Lively carries the movie on her shoulders and is very good here,very convincing.there are some very graphic scenes,and one particularly gruesome scene,so be aware of that.the picture is a short one one,clocking in at one hour and twenty minutes,before the end credits,but there's a lot of movie jammed into those minutes.anyway,for me,The Shallows is a 9/10

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a tad too long.otherwise,fairly decent, 19 September 2016

as far as mindless entertainment goes,this a pretty good fill you up while are watching but leaves empty after it's over.there is some new blood injected into the series this time around.No Shia LaBeouf or Megan this time around.the characters and the actors are different.this time around we have Cade Yeager(Marl Wahlberg)and and his daughter(Nicola Pelt(whose biggest claim to fame so far has been appearing in the flop The Last Airbender,which was awful but not her fault),as the main human characters.Stanley Tucci has some very funny scenes,and Kelsey Grammar injects some gravitas into the problem I had with the film-it was a tad too long.they could have excised twenty to thirty minutes of the running time.that is my biggest complaint.otherwise,pretty decent.for me,Transformers: Age of Extinction is a 7/10

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even better than the first one, 19 September 2016

I thought the previous Star Trek film was brilliant.i gave it a 10+++ rating.however,I have to say that I thought this one was even better.the action and tension is ratcheted up a few notches.the acting is of course first rate.the one thing that puts this movie over the top is the choice of villain.the tension builds though for quite awhile before the villain is revealed,which only makes it better when he does appear.this villain is more than a match for Captain James T. Kirk and the Enterprise crew.they must rely on their brains and cleverness to defeat him.all in all,a great,entertaining film.for me,Star Trek Into Darkness is a 10++++/10

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surpasses the original in my opinion, 19 September 2016

I liked this sequel more than the usual there is a ton of intense action's also a very funny movie and once again the acting is as good as or better than in the original.there are also a few more marvel characters dropped into the mix.but the one thing that makes this film superior to the first(in my opinion,anyway)is the villain Ultron.this is one of the best villains to come along in the last few years.he is certainly a worthy adversary to the Avengers.Havin James Spader voice the character was a stroke of genius,in my mind.his voice just fits the character so well.overall,an excellent far,Marvel is winning the superhero sweepstakes against DC,for two very important reasons.firstly,humour,second a relatively lighter tone.DC films tend to be dark and bleak.until DC figures this out,they will continue to lose ground to Marvel.this is just my opinion of course.anyway,for me Avengers: Age of Ultron is a 9/10

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good first movie in the Avengers franchise, 19 September 2016

this a movie I quite hits all the right buttons.intense action sequences-check.funny one liners-check-good acting-check.there wee a number of moments through where the audience cheered and clapped loudly.most of your favourite marvel superheroes are here.there are too many characters to list here.the Hulk(Mark Ruffalo) is one of my favourite characters in this film.he gets some great scenes.there is some fun interplay Between Hulk/Bruce Banner and Iron Man/Tony Stark(Robert Downey Jr which I found very funny.the action is off the charts.the acting is really good,as thing I really like about the films in the Marvel Cinematic Univers,there is almost always a scene after the end credits start rolling.for me,The Avengers is a 8/10

Coraline (2009)
not so great, 19 September 2016

this is a strange little's probably too frightening for young's a stop motion animation film directed by Henry Selick.i don't want to give any of the plot away.lets just say Coraline(voiced by Dakta Fanning lives mundane,banal life and wishes for something more.i found the movie to be quite creepy at times;it wasn't really a fun experience for me.i found it very twisted and disturbing. for me,there three film in a similar vein to this.James and the Giant Peach,Nightmare before Christmas(Both directed by Henry Selick)and the Corpse Bride,written and directed by Tim Burton.theses three films are much better film in my opinion.for me,Coraline is a 5/10

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warning: the F bomb is dropped every second word or so, 19 September 2016

well,i finally got around to seeing this roommate raved bout it for years.did I like it?the only word that comes to mind is meh.i didn't like or hate's a crime drama/action film.lots of blood and thing I should mention-the f bomb(or any of it variations) is dropped almost every other word,sometimes even more frequently.coarse language doesn't bother me generally,but I think they way over did it on that far as crime drama/action movies ate concerned.this one is somewhere in the middle of the definitely wasn't worth the rated pretty high on this site(7.9).I wouldn't rate it that high myself.i noticed there is a ,which I am on the fence about seeing after being disappointed in this one.for me,The Boondock Saints is a 5/10

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just because you have a few friends,a camera,and five dollars doesn't mean you have a movie, 18 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***spoiler dead ahead***This thing has nothing at all to do with The Conjuring or any of its sequels/prequels***well.i managed to make it twenty eight minutes and forty eight seconds before calling it this was an awful excuse for a movie.the acting was abysmal as was the dialogue.i haven't seen a movie this awful in a long time.i really believe they broke a five dollar bill to make this thing.i.m not saying I could do any better,although I do have a few friends,a five dollar bill and a camera.only four other people have reviewed this schlock.i don't know if they all made it to the end or not.but if I could,i would gladly pay for the years of therapy they have ahead of them.this thing was so bad I could actually smell it.i could go on and on,but you get the point.for me,American Conjuring is a 1/10,but I am rounding down to zero.

Ant-Man (2015)
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for some reason it under performed at the box office,, 18 September 2016

but I thought it was a freaking' riot from the get go.there are some hysterically funny moments here many of them courtesy Michael Peña(End of Watch,Gangster Squad,American Hustle,Vacation 2015)who plays Luis is very funny here.the movie didn't do that well at the box office,which surprised me to no end. but I read there will be a sequel in 2018,which hopefully more people will go see.i know I will be there.anyway back to the movie.there's some good talent here.Michael Douglas is great as Hank Pym.Evangeline Lily(the Hurt Locker,real Steel,two of the hobbit movies and the TV series Lost)is great here as is Corey Stoll(TV's House of Cards and the Strain)Bobby Cannavale( the TV series Vinyl)plays Paxton.I also liked Judy Greer(Jurassic World,the animated TV series Archer.and of course Paul Rudd is terrific as the title character.ha makes a good action hero.for me,Ant-Man is an 8.5/10

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