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A show worth the watch, 4 February 2007
9/10 I am from the UK and have cheated a little, got my American friend to send me all the first season of ugly Betty and I love it :)

When I first heard about ugly Betty I thought...yes a show about a girl who isn't drop dead gorgeous - forgive me for being so clique - but I felt I could relate to her. Although point 1 Betty is NOT ugly, sure she has glasses, who doesn't now a days? braces, with the most perfect teeth I have ever seen and some questionable eyebrows but who cares? To me Betty is not ugly! Let's just get that out the way.

This show is one of the best American show I have seen in a long time -apart from DH which I very much enjoy. The characters are fabulous, Betty a sweetheart who everyone would love as a friend, Daniel some eye candy, Willamina, I was surprised how much I have grown to like her over the season. Amanada and Marc are a fabulous double act, can I join please? Christina :D:D being a Scot myself I love her and even though some characters make fun of her being Scottish, like calling her "braveheart" I love the character and the jokes about her accent :) The show to me has everything, and I am not just saying this but in the very first episode I laughed, I cried (at people laughing at Betty) and overall I was left with a warm feeling, that my dreams are possible and that beauty is on the inside also I was left wanting more.

The only one thing "bad" I have to say about it is that the message "beauty is on the inside, your dreams are possible" is smacked a bit too much in the audiences face, I think it was at least once an episode - we get it.

Overall, Ugly Betty is an enjoyable sitcom, that although people may be put off by its warm side has a great storyline with most of the central only request for season 2 more Christina

"Extras" (2005)
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LOL good fun...Much better than the office, 6 December 2006

Firstly here's the deal i'm one of the very few people who absolutely hated the office it was stupid and silly, and personally i didn't get it anyway this isn't about the office who cares people...let go and stop talking about (yes i do realise i was hypocrite there but we all are at one stage in our life's) I watched Extra thinking this is going to be Lame...but i laughed my socks off and even peed a little (too much info?) it classic, and it a comedy that i don't think tries to hard, its very much effortless and the performances for the star guest and the rest of the cast is very good (Kate Winslet was my personal favourite) watch this show its great but go in with a open mind and forget the office if your going to compare watch that instead

love this show, 10 September 2006

dead ringers, i started to watch it in the second season and i cant get enough of this show, the topical humour from tony Blair to the queen to Madonna and dido always knocks me for 6..and has me rolling on the floor dead ringers says what most people are thinking (well what i do anyway) i hope this show goes on for a long time, and i do hope that they bring more series to DVD i have series 1 but miss having the rest my particular favourite impressions are of Delia,the queen (QVC) and all the pop star ones (especially Madonna "the desperate tour") I'm not really a fan of the whole going out in the public and pretending to be Parkinson (but i let that slide as its a great show) watch this show, even once i have converted a lot of people to watching it, who know never miss it like it you WILL be surprised FACT!

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Watch this may even surprise you, 8 September 2006

"life better when you put some Hollyoaks on it" the headline says it all, Hollyoaks deals with the life and loves (and everything in-between) of the residents of Chester. I find particular this show enjoyable and to be one that in my late teens I found more enjoyable and could relate too, sure some the story lines and going on are cheesy (like Izzy doing a babe watch number many moons ago) however is this what makes Hollyoaks different to other soaps, and sure all the girls are hot and this is offend seen as its downfall (ohhh greens not your colour) but its had/has some great story lines and some little gems of talent, the writing is going from strength to strength, but what always surprises me about Hollyoaks is that it can deal with even the most sensitive problems in a real way and also bring some light hearted humour to the episode as well. Hollyoaks is underestimated in my opinion Give it a chance you will be surprised