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Area 407 (2012)
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Terrible, 20 January 2013

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This movie is terrible to watch till the end. Reading the summary, it seemed a good story. Unfortunately, this is not what the viewer gets when he watches. The characters acts without any logic (e.g: There were 4 of them in the car, one tries to escape by foot to get the attention of the animal that chased them; then another one go out the car to rescue the first one, but the car was working fine! So, the two that remained in car drove for 1 minute, ran over one that had left and the other returned to the car. They drove 1 minute more and arrived where they wanted. Why were not the 4 in the car?) I could give dozens of examples like this. The plot is totally disconnected, the end is predictable and silly. well, run out this movie!

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a very big surprise, 13 April 2001

This movie I only knew when I watch it on HBO last week. But it is a very correct movie, with a well done script, and a good history. There are a little similarity with Matrix, but we cannot compare both. It is a movie that make us to think, it open to us a new door on the multi- reality worlds concept.

All people who like SciFi must see this movie and think about it. (But Matrix is the better one)