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Mutant X (2001–2004)
22 February 2003
As a sci-fi fan, I find this show to be a wonderful blend of action and adventure. As with most everything now a days, its based on a comic book.

The cast is wonderful, they seem to fit like a well put together puzzle.

It is also my understanding that Victoria does as many of her own stunts.

Mutant X lives!
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Rawhide (1959–1965)
And they said.....
8 January 2003
In watching this old Western on the Hallmark Channel, I've come to enjoy it. A favorite of my mother's when she was a girl, who, like many others, thought Gil Favor was the handsome one. I sat down and watched them on this cattle drive and have come to enjoy the show.

And of course, Clint Eastwood, co-stars as Rowdy Yates. I was told that back in the day, critics said he wouldn't amount to anything. Guess he showed them.
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Star Trek: Enterprise (2001–2005)
26 November 2001
I grew up watching QL with Scott. Imagine my excitement when I heard he was tapped to play the lead role in this series. I enjoy Scott, truly, but maybe its me, but I think there is something lacking in the series. Archer and T'Pol click on screen, but not everyone does. I believe that ST: Voyager lacked the same thing.

That I believe is the on screen chemistry, the writers can write all they want, but if its not there, it just doesn't work for me.

Take ST:TNG these actors and actresses worked and clicked, like a good puzzle, all the pieces fit and made a wonderful series.

If you want a non Trek example of good chemistry, check out Babylon 5.

I believe that this might be a good series, but it feels like its a rushed project.
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