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Clever series, 18 August 2006

Pretty much is what the description states. The prior series Thr Festival (IFC too) took me awhile to get you but this one has me from beginning. Just enough insight and fresh attitude to pack a fast half hour. All the majors work and writing keeps it going. Hardly aware it us Canada based. This is the edge The Office should have had. What helps too is the lead in half hour. Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman. It's a riot. I mean what the heck are they gonna get to next? This one is esp adult and on the edge of pushing the cable limits. I like that both casts seem to be enjoying what they are all doing. Keeps it fresh and natural. Like being there. And they held me even as Yanks-Red Sox were battling in what is becoming the longest game in baseball. Yanks 14-10 going to 9th. They played two games. 1pm and 8pm Fri then 1p Sat. Yow.

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Things Change!, 17 January 2005

First saw this one in '68 at height of Vietnam War just before MASH. Then the idea of that nation-to-be destroying the downtown part of NYC seemed a bit far fetched. Instead the hard hats and hippies had at each other. Years later after war was directly brought to bunch of large financially important structures and the smell of death floated across's a little harder to accept the premise that not killing a killer has merit. Plain and simple it's them or us in real life. The rest is make believe. Film then was fun and enjoyable for performances. Now I need a shot of Windtalkers as a bracer to keep perspective. There are really some people who would do you harm just to do you harm. Forget motives or purposes. Emily mixes it all up which only plays out on celluloid. In heat of action it is safer to be aware that not everyone loves you or your saintly behavior.

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Bril animation, 31 December 2004

I too am a big fan of the anims already mentioned. This one is a fresh, I mean, fresh, approach to the genre. Really is hard to breakout with something new in such a well worn field but this one does it. I stumbled onto it on telly and only vaguely remembered the director's name from somewhere. Right from the beginning...hooked totally. Only thing I had to fight off was that creeping feeling you can get when a begin is so damn tight that the little voice sneaks in for a second with "Oh gosh I just hope this continues!". Not to worry. This delivers. So crafty and revolutionary. The knife goes in deeply and the film will live with you. Those little critters are just so so so sweet. Haven't rooted for anything like that in quite awhile. Adult fare at its best. By the way, The Incredibles was not too bad for commercial work. Neat music among other things. Tough to anime hair, esp wet hair. But it too worked. Theater setting helps. Saw Lola and Stitch in theater and was so mush grander than on telly. Which is roundabout way to say that Muts does so well on the tube! Still can't believe how moving black lines and background can be!

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stop the barfing, it's OK, 19 September 2004

Try to be a tie breaker here. Fans of the genre and esp Suchet will be pleased enough. Has clothing style, crisp coldish dialogue. . Love that upper crust Brit cutting manner.

Certainly worth a viewing for those who get it. If you aren't into this type of theater structure, well then avoid what's going on. At least the critical reviewers and fans gave honest opinions.

Has to see for myself. A definite 7 just for the look and feel. But know that my tastes are quite wide. From Bad Santa thru Panic Room to Lawrence of Arabia.

As long as I can get a sense the film's players are into the story for sake of audience then I'm there. This one delivers enough.

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Yes it is GOOD, 11 August 2004

I agree with the favorable comments. Jean Harlow was all of 19 when she appeared in it. 19!! going on 26. And her backless dresses. Just too yummy. She bounced around bra less in some neat scenes. Who wouldn't have wanted that in 1930. Makes you realize what might have been had not The Code come along. Took the looseness of WWII 'troop films' to regain even a little sensual activity. The adult behavior is also refreshing after the stick action of

Top Gun principals. Prefer Officer and a Gentleman for realism. As to the planes and combat - ditto for comments. And thanks for all the tidbits. Worth a seeing for sure. TCM channel must own rights. Turner Classic.

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just terrific as user mentions, 25 July 2004

Sunday nite 12:30 am Very tired from hard weekend. Just had to ditto a user's remarks. Dead on. Only pleasure I had in a crud weekend. Chase scene more than simple "cars' involved. Best chase since Bullett or The Getaway. Do it when get chance - on cable only. Bcast and commercials will destroy it. Even Van Damme's Cyborg better on full cable. Many parts in it cut from the bcast ver.

end of me - below user comment

Some of the stunts in this movie are incredible, and the 1st big car chase is something that will have any action fan falling off their mosquito infested cinema seat - forget the Matrix Reloaded - this is the greatest car chase ever captured on film.

The script is patchy, making way for more improvised gags rather that creating a deep story, but in a film like this, deep plot just isn't what fans want.

Joe Pantoliano is again a highlight as the Captain, and has to be considered one of the best police captains since that old guy from the police academy movies...

All in all, a near-perfect action comedy. Wrongly slated by too many people, but hey, i loved it...

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Think it's Casablanca?, 14 June 2004

Or Grand Hotel. Nah, just the '50s run amuck. At least no Bogart-like type today to remake this one as with so many others. Technicals, as stated, are strong. Color, camera work, costumes all forceful. Just a limp biscut at heart. Yakky yakky. Worth it for period piece is all. And I do like the principals in other films - esp M.R. Designed for big movie palace time. Not for today's time pressured crowd. Way over lite tho.

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worth the neo-noir ride, 10 June 2004

What a dark start. Then rougher even. Wagner is neat. Direction is tight, fast and colorful. MG in bed with kid even before Demi Moore did. Good for ugly flick night. No need to get wasted since this will get you there. Given that it didn't date itself, I suspect that over time this will wear even better. Meaning it will hold up. Critics might have ignored this given Woods and MG doing low life scene, but time will tell.

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Ugh so awful, 9 May 2004

Just had to add my ditto to prior comments. Maybe as a historical peek. My reason for bothering. As entertainment, zero value. As bad time capsule is about all. Catch all the 'clever' way past McCarthy era chatter about "you mean we might be investigated" over the adoption setup. Or "double think" line. So hip. Not. Seemed not worthy of colorizing. Just annoying as hell. Stay in CT and out of the old Village. But of course today's Greenwich Village takes a 1958 Westport income at the very least. UNIVAC, where art tho? Poor rich stressed out commuter. Shoulda stayed in Village and become a Pop Artist over time. Cute chick social worker tho. Not so with the sad MM player.

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Better than most of these, 24 January 2004

Kept me into it and I tune out most of these. Nothing special but just enough suspense and cleverness to hold you. Nice placing of the funny side gags. Effects decent and no wooden efforts. These guys did get wet. Touch just enough of the usual human phobias to push the buttons. They should all be at least this good.

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