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awesome, 17 April 2001

Dark Angel has become my one of my favorite shows, I was hooked from the very first episode, Jessica is great. I knew I would love this show since Max kicks butt, girl power is needed for females, I definatly think that a girl kicking butt gives females more self-confidence, than a girl who tries to get all the guys, or one who is unsure of herself.

I read some where that it costs a lot to do each episode and they are not sure if the show will continue or not but, it also gave an address to write to if you do not want the show to be canceled, you can guarantee that I will write to them.

Joe Dirt (2001)
so so, 17 April 2001

I saw this movie this weekend, it was okay but I will summarize it in my boyfriend's exact words, another Forest Gump, since most of the story is told while looking back on his past. It was silly, and not as funny as I had thought it would be, it was so so, I won't watch it again unless it happens to come on while there is nothing else on. I think Kid Rock played himself good, white trash. David Spade was good in this movie, I just pictured the entire movie to be much funnier, but there were a few pee your pants scenes. Over all it was okay.

My Absolute Favorite, 13 April 2001

I have watched Dawson's Creek since the show began and since then have fallen in love with not only the show but also the actors. I try to see every movie any of the actor star in. This way I can watch them as a different character. I think that Katie Holmes an amazing actress with great talent. I hope that she will get a lead role soon. My only concern was with her character in "The Gift", the scene that she did, and those of you who have seen the movie know what I am talking about" made me very uncomfortable. I hope she did not do that just to make it big. I think she is very talented and quite honestly that one scene to me, lowers her acing ability. But it is her life and her choice I just never expected that. I love Joey and Pacey's relationship on Dawson's Creek and am so concerned about their college plans, what is Pacey gonna do, where's he gonna go, and how is the show going to keep running, I read that they weren't going to invent a fictional college right around the corner that everyone got excepted to, which makes sense but how are they going to keep thier connections and relationships going? I can't wait to find out.