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Deja Vu (2006)
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Really Good...with a few problems...., 22 June 2007

As far as time travel movies go they never really explain how they go back in time...But in Deja Vu i think they TRY and change that. They actually really explain why and how they are doing this, even though its not believable for a second its still really entertaining.

This film is essentially about a cop (denzel Washington) who discovers and works for a new agency handling top secret projects. Their first project is to try and stop a big boat from blowing up. This boat contains many women and children as well as many navy officers.

This movie really plays on your mind and really tricks it, so you really have to pay attention.

Pro:The overall plot is better than most time travel flicks.

Con:Its not that believable.

Pro:The performance by Val Killmer and Adam Goldberg are very good. (but maybe thats because I really like both of them)

Con:Denzel is good, but this is the character he plays in every movie, and I think he tends to overact...

Pro:This movie is very exciting, interesting, thrilling, and intriguing and I highly recommend buying or renting it...

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Only a couple of flaws...., 18 November 2007

Okay first off I should say that i am a huge fan of the books. As well as the movies(but more the books). I also must say that the 5th book is my least favorite of all the books. But this is not a review on the book, its a review on the movie. So here we go: First I will review it as just a movie and pretend i haven't read the book: The acting I believe is the strongest it has been in all the movies, from the kids as well as the adults. Imelda Stauton does a brilliant job at playing Umbridge and is exactly like the way I imagined her. The action is awesome. The end fight is just amazing. Although the movie seems to drag at some points but you can easily get past that. The characters are strong and the direction as a whole is quite good, it sets a much needed dark tone casting away the happy go lucky 1st and 2nd movies.

Now on to the criticisms as I review it keeping the book in mind: Again the 5th book is my least favorite of the HP books. My main problem is a big one. The adapting of the book into a screenplay. Ugh where do I begin: Okay first off let me just say it plain and simple, I BELIEVE I COULD HAVE DONE A BETTER JOB ADAPTING IT!(and yes i am a writer) I mean did the guy even read the book?!?!?!??! They not only left many parts out but they even left character development out AND put in stuff THAT Wasn't EVEN THERE TO BEGIN WITH! Even though the KEY elements were there, there just wasn't enough story from the original book.They left characters out and plot lines and ugh I'm just getting angry thinking about it. I think that i am angry because i am such a fan of the books.

But EVEN WITH the writing flaws it is still a good movie, and probably my 2nd favorite out of the movie series which means this is the first movie ever that i liked the movie better than the book (well not entirely true i like lord of the rings better than the books). Which is why i give it 8 stars out of ten. Because really there is just ONE big flaw. Thank You.

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Good, 14 March 2007

I did not get a chance to watch it on TV so i bought the DVD. I liked the series a lot and it was scary, but... DO NOT!!! Buy this on DVD. Even though it was good i think it is a waste just because i only really liked a couple of the episodes. I suggest you rent it or catch it again if they show it again. I would like them to make another season but whatever. In order from best to worst these are my favorites (there are also ratings on each episode): 1.BattleGround (10 out of 10)Awesome!!!! 2.Autotopsy Room 4 (9 out of 10)Very suspenseful andthought out 3.Ulmneys Last Case (7 out of 10)Interesting 4.The End ofthe Whole Mess (7 out of 10)Very Interesting 5.The Fifth Quarter (Six out of 10)Okay not great but the most realistic out of all of them 6.You Know They Got A Hell Of a Band (4 out of 10)I only liked itbecause of all the icons they showed 7.The Road Virus Heads North (4 out of 10)The most scary but just not that good 8.Crouch End (1 out of10 it was just horrible!)CRAP!!!! TOATAL CRAP!!!!

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A Great Film, 13 July 2006

This is a truly powerful film. Its main focus is on its characters, and human nature. It is beautifully directed and acted and is wonderfully taken from the book/play. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good drama full of the sadness and intensity of a mental asylum. Jack Nicholson and Louise Fletcher play off each other so brilliantly and is supported by an amazing supporting cast. Milos Forman is one of the better underrated directors out there and dose such a beautiful job of getting in depth in the characters and their problems. Everything is great about this film. One of the only movies i have ever almost cried at. I love this movie and i think you will to.

"Raines" (2007)
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Excellent!, 28 April 2007

This show is about Michael Raines (played wonderfully by Jeff Goldblum) as a psychic detective. And i now what you are thinking, "This is just going to be another stupid psychic detective series" and believe me thats what i thought at first too. But let me tell you, it is one of the BEST cop shows I've seen in a long time. Its funny, witty, and smart while being a dark police drama. The writing is simply spectacular and the acting is even better. As i sated before Jeff Goldblum plays his part brilliantly and should be nominated for a golden globe (along with the show). I downloaded the first episode on iTunes and i suggest you do the same. Or simply watch it for free on I cannot stress this enough! WATCH RAINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Best of the Trilogy!, 20 May 2007

T2 Is GREATTTTT!!!!! This movie is so awesome! With a good futuristic style soundtrack, and awesome effects, this movie will hold you to your seat and never let go. There is mostly good acting and GOD there is good action. This is one of the greatest action movies ever! And the plot! its simply amazing! They make the Terminator good! Its awesome! This satisfies action and effects. Trust me its Please see this its for your own good. It has everything:Action,timetravel,robots,stuff blowing up,ARNOLD, and a Terminator that wont quit. Turn on the big screen Grab some popcorn and enjoy...

Definitely a must see, and certainly Best of the Trilogy!!!!!!!! Take it from me, a true action fan...

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Best spy movie period, 5 August 2007

Let me start off by saying that I'm a big fan of the Bourne movies, and spy movies for that matter. And let me also say that this is the best spy film I've ever seen.

The performances by the cast were spectacular and the compelling story/never stopping action kept me on the edge of my seat. Everything about this movie is great: The sound, the editing, the action, the suspense, the story...Everything. The only problem i had was the shaky camera. Now I respect the directors choices but the shakiness kept it hard to see the action sometimes. But other than that it was great.

Most definitely a 10 out of 10, and I'm not generous with my ratings so...

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Good, 24 February 2007

Okay, for a TV movie it was EXCELLENT! But thats TV movie perspective. It has SO many funny moments which made me laugh out laugh. It was like Indiana Jones, The Mummy, and National Treasure combined. Mostly Indiana just because some of the banter and boobie traps reminded me heavily of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The cast was great with the exception of the bad guy played by Kyle Maclachlan. The special effects are incredible and the fight scenes are pretty good. Bob Newart did a great job as well as Noah Wyle. Overall this movie was very enjoyable. The only bad thing was its cheesy moments. It was basically 60% Funny moments 15% Cheesy Moments and 35% Action/Adventure.

Not fantastic...but still enjoyable..., 23 June 2007

As far as the spy movie genre goes I simply love them. And me being a big fan of these type of movies I can say that after I saw this I was satisfied but not overjoyed. The problems with this film were that i think that it could have had a tad bit more action to keep it going. And i thought it was a little boring in some places. But once you get passed that you get a very good film. It IS entertaining and for people who like the genre will probably like this movie.

I was not expecting much from Affleck but i was very surprised. Ben Affleck did a very good performance and made you believe that it was happening. Morgan Freeman as usual gives a good but not outstanding performance. And props go to Affleck, James Cromwell, and Liev Schreiber.

This movie is not predictable and with some cool camera shots and good acting. So in conclusion anyone who likes spy movies should see this sit back, and relax...

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A great movie, 15 October 2006

This is a truly wonderful film. From the direction by Peter Weir to the acting by Jim Carrey, Ed Harris, and the whole supporting cast. It is in my personal top 20 list of all time favorite movies. the character of Truman truly grows throughout the film along with the suspension from reality. Truman begins to discover that all his life he has been in a show that's fake but oh so real.

Peter Weir dose a BRILLIANT job of relating to his characters and the plot. In my opinion i think this is one of Jim Carey's best.

And as i stated before the supporting cast is amazing.

I love this show within a movie and highly recommend it.