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Wry and clever, tonally unique., 11 January 2013

This reviewer was drawn into an early screening designed to generate buzz concerning the worth of the same, so I suppose my end of the deal is to afford such. With this firmly in mind, well - so be it! I rather liked the promotional trailer, drawn as I was to the wry tone and unlikely re-imagining of the zombie genre even as I care little for horror or gore. Fear existed that the premise wouldn't be exploited to the full or that the film would register across just the bits shared in the preview. Such anxieties were misplaced for the film proved consistently entertaining throughout and perhaps better than expected.

Much relies upon the capacity of the viewer to accept if not celebrate the understated tone of what is nevertheless an over-the-top zombie picture. The voice over narration provided to us by the 'R' character, affording calm, matter of fact reportage concerning the 'lived experience' of being one of the undead; i.e. charting meaningless time spent will either connect or not connect, where I was pleased to note that the audience in attendance quietly gathered and enjoyed many a little nuance presented for our collective delectation. No one could help by find the tone and direction of this pleasant lark of a date movie anything less than winning. Expect to have a nice time.