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Very easily the best film in the series, 26 January 2004

Superman II is my favorite film in the series because it's the most action packed of them all and it's so very exciting from start to finish. The story was well written enough to hold your interest throughout the film and so very well acted by an all around great cast. In my book, superhero films don't come any better than this.

Dynamic in every sense, 22 January 2004

I personally would recommend this animated film to people of all ages because watching it is such an awesome experience. The animation is nothing short of splendid and the story is an awesome mix of thrills and delight. The action scenes in this film are very well executed and Timon and Pumbaa provide excellent comic relief. The climactic scene is an especially good adrenaline rush. Very well deserving of its status as an animated classic.

Superman (1978)
One of the greatest live action superhero gems ever produced, 3 January 2004

I think that this movie was a most excellent opener to a dynamic film series. The story does a most excellent job as it takes us through Superman's boyhood right up to him taking his stand as defender of all things good and just. I always had sort of a soft spot for Christoper Reeve as Superman and Clark Kent because I always thought that his awesome performance made the two seem so likable. He's also helped by a great supporting cast to make this film the precious cinematic gem that it is.

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A most awesome scare fest, 29 August 2003

I found this film to very easily be one of the best horror films to come along in recent times because it's such an awesome and exciting thrill ride from start to finish. The performances are simply great in the movie and it works up to a very exciting climax. Highly recommended to anyone in the mood for some good horror fun!

A deeply beloved TV movie, 23 June 2003

I truly love watching this TV movie because I think it has such deeply moving moments so eloquently blended with the fun and excitement that made the Incredible Hulk series so great. I also think it has most excellent performances all around. I especially found the climactic scene to be most emotional. It's a true winner in every sense.

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Very easily one of the greatest game shows of all time, 23 June 2003

My earliest memory of seeing this dynamic game show were when I was a child and saw the $20,000 version on ABC. I've always thought of it as being one of my personal favorite game shows ever made because it was always filled with such fun and excitement. I always thought that Dick Clark did such a dynamic job as the host and I also liked seeing the clips before the show of people making it to the top of the pyramid and winning the big money. My personal opinion is that this is one game show that should never have been cancelled.

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Truly great game show, 29 January 2003

This is truly one of my favorite game shows to watch and play along with. They always ask a lot of interesting questions and it's a load of fun trying to guess which answers are on the board. It also has some very good humor that goes a very long way toward making it such a very good way to spend 30 minutes of your time watching.

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Truly great horror sequel, 21 January 2003

I found this horror sequel so much fun to watch because of the way it kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish with its creepy fun and excitement. I think it was extremely well directed and acted. I'd say it's the best film in the 'Halloween' series since the second one.

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A most excellent show indeed, 21 January 2003

I find the time I spend watching this show to be time very well spent because it's such a funny and delightful show. The entire cast of the show is terrific playing characters that I think everyone can relate to and care about and every episode is richly filled with great laughs. I would personally recommend this show to people of all ages.

Simply hilarious fun, 16 January 2003

I found this movie to be a highly enjoyable sequel because it was so full of excellent laughs and a most awesome cast. I also liked it for the cameos from such a wide variety of stars. I think it's quite possibly the best film in the Austin Powers series.

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