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"Show me a hero, and I'll prove he is a bum!", 12 April 2001

One of the few man I this world that I would have the honor to meet, would have been "Gramps" Boyington. In a time of need, pain and horror...he took the ways that he knew and fought a war which we all didn't want to be in. In the time to come after his rise to fame and down fall...his life teaches us this...sometimes the rules must be bent to do the right thing. I wish that I could have met the man before his death...I'm glad the History channel has the history still going on the Black Sheep and I love the comments from his fellow flyers and from Mr. Conrad himself about the man. May the Black Sheep always fly in our minds, hearts, and prays. Question: Mr. Conrad...did you ever fly the big blue bird???

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I believe that in the world of acting, actors put a lot of their own characteristic in to their parts...Robert Conrad to me in many different parts has shown me to be a kind, caring, funny, loyal to his fami, 12 April 2001

Why is it that when a good family movie comes along, it doesn't last? Is our world so full of pain that this is all we want to see on the TV? It was nice to have a show that I could enjoy that landscape, the characters, the story and wish my life could be that wonderful! Are there people out there that can still live this good kind of life, or is it all just make believe and movies/TV? Mr. Conrad, if you should read this, you keep making good movies and I'll watch them...I miss the family shows we all could use a little more! If I ever had a choice who's morals to follow, yours would only be second to my Grand -Father's!! Thanks for all the good shows...and may you and your family be blessed for the end of time.Siperkitty