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Storm Riders a surf movie that inspired a generation of surfers, 12 July 2006

Storm Riders is one of the best, if not the best surf video of its era. It shows the best surfers of the day surfing in great waves in various locations and is put to a great soundtrack. Notable scenes include Thornton Fallander pulling a massive cutback at Lagundri Bay, Wayne Lynch solo surfing huge waves in South Australia and Rabbit ripping the Gold Coast. For me and for many of my peers, this movie inspired us to get out on the road (or boat) and go looking for not just the waves shown in Storm Riders but for all the great waves waiting to be ridden in exotic locations. In addition and in line with what Tarantino once said in relation to hearing a certain song and then remembering a scene from a movie, the music really matched the surf scenes. In particular, the music of Little River Band with Wayne Lynch surfing Cactus and Mi-Sex with Rabbit surfing Duranbah compliments the wave action and mirrored the surfer's comments...I haven't seen the movie for close to 20 years and am looking for it on DVD so if you can find it, let me know!