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As funny as watching paint be paint., 24 January 2007

I saw this film when I couldn't make the time for Children of Men, and I have to say one simple thing: This was worse than Alone in the Dark and Super Mario Bros. combined.

When The Wizard, in charge of making all Fairy Tales go right, goes on vacation in Ireland, his two apprentices are left in charge of the staff full of magic 'n whatnot. The wicked stepmother of Cinderella(now named Frieda) goes to the wrong castle, discovers the story of her losing, and takes over, attempting to let the bad guys rule. Boredom ensues.

Lack of comedic value, originality, and misuse of Patrick Warburton's brilliant voice acting, this film would be better off destroyed by bears. The drab voice acting from Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prince Jr., Andy Dick and Sigourney Weaver made this film lack soul and originality. Patrick Warburton tried his best to make this film funny, but his character would better be used as a mop then the famed "Knight in Shining Armor". The CGI and Animation was mediocre at best, to where a high school Digital Graphics student could probably produce better motions in the stiff, robot-like characters.

The only thing worth seeing this film for is the seven dwarfs, now turned redneck conspiracy theorists, and about 2-3 lines from Andy Dick.