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3000 gigaberts of pixelbits, 3 February 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Another super solid entry in the catalog of X-Files episodes. This episode brings us the return of Darin Morgan's iconic comedy episodes. What started with Humbug has become one of the more beloved style's of episode for many. I love that the teaser brings back the stoner kids from Quagmire and War of the Coprophages to be the ones who are witness to the were-monster attack after inhaling an instense amount of spray paint.(?) Dude...

A quick synopsis of the episode. Mulder starts out with a sense of mid life crisis and wondering if he's spent his entire life believing in hoaxes and children's stories and is convinced that there are no such thing as monsters. Scully is worried about him and through out the episode makes several comments about how happy she is to see him back in his element even if she doesn't agree with his theory. They are brought to find a lizard man who appears to be attacking people and biting their necks. The investigations bring them to one Guy Mann, played by Rhys Darby. At first he exhibits some truly strange behavior and Mulder is convinced that he is behind the attacks as a were-lizard. But he tells a different story. One in which a man who is a sociopath has bitten him, an unsuspecting lizard man, in the neck, and since then every day he turns into a human and finds himself engaging in terribly monstrous acts of menial human life such as going to work and waking up to an alarm clock and wearing a neck tie. I really like the play on the typical were-monster story here where the monster is the man and the fictional "monster" is the victim who now turns into a man due to being bitten.

There are some great moments in this episode both comedic and nostalgic. Some of my favorites are Mulder's reaction to discovering the hotel has secret peepholes into each room, a la Psycho. I love when Guy is yelling at his alarm clock and tells it "you'll never wake me up again" and tosses it across the room. Also the wonderful explanation of the latest phone model which contains 3000 gigberts of pixelbits and its shape is somewhat rectangular. The typical blah blah blah of technogibber haha. I also have to say that for someone who had been thinking that Gillian Anderson was looking old, she's still got it. Dang! Did anyone else's heart beat speed up when she said "I wanna make you say cheese"? And finally when the real killer starts explaining why he is the way he is as if he's reciting a profiling text book lol.

I was also surprisingly moved more than I would have normally expected when I realized the name on the gravestone that Mulder puts the flowers was that of Kim Manners. Kim was one of the major directors on throughout the original series and was also one of the main directors for the show Supernatural until he passed away in 2009. It was a great tribute to a man who brought us some wonderful stories and obviously had a significant impact on the people he worked with.

All in all a great solid episode. Thanks Darin Morgan!

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Bad things happen when the birds gather, 31 January 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What a great way to springboard the MOTW style of episodes. I found myself cheering after a great teaser because I was so excited that The X-Files seemed to have indeed returned in true style. Jim Wong did a great job writing and directing this episode and did something I never thought possible: he made me care about Mulder and Scully's child William.

The episode deals with children who are dealing with genetic mutations and are in a program to try and solve their ailments. The doctor in charge of these treatments is secretly using alien DNA to try and cure these children and we find out in the episode that he has done tests on his own children, giving them supernatural abilities.

The episode begins with us seeing one of the scientists on the research team apparently being affected by some sort of loud screeching sound. These sounds lead him to searching for information on the lead scientist's location (the founder) and ultimately stabbing himself in the earlobe with a letter opener to stop the sound. As Mulder and Scully investigate, Mulder begins to hear the same sounds but reports that amidst the screeching he could perceive the words "find her" being repeated.

They seek out contact with the founder and ultimately find out that his wife is in a mental hospital for having allegedly killing her unborn son. This son, as it turns out, is Kevin, who was separated from his family at birth and is now seeking reunion with his sister Molly. Kevin is the source of the screeching and Molly appears to have her own abilities and is being kept prisoner by her father at the lab. They ultimately find each other and use their powers together to escape and murder their father.

The episode has a very Stephen King like feel to it where these children with telekinetic powers are able to take revenge on their captors. Think Carrie mixed with The Shining and maybe even Firestarter.

The episode connects on another level in the form of alternate reality dream sequences showing Scully and Mulder separately envisioning what their lives with William growing up might have been like. These sequences reveal a lot about Mulder and Scully's characters. They show the things that each would have truly enjoyed participating in with William. Scully imagines taking him to school and taking care of him when he hurts himself, likely drawing a lot on her background in medicine. Mulder imagines sharing his love of Sci-Fi classics and creating model rockets. They each also show their deepest fears and anxieties as well. Scully's are seeded in her fears of William having alien DNA while Mulder's are seeded in the loss of his sister Samantha. What's also interesting is that this episode allows for series to take on a new dynamic, where the original series dealt a lot with Mulder's obsession to find his sister, the questions about William bring him into this role which places both Mulder and Scully in the situation of their judgment being called into question on these types of cases.

Some observations: Two ape movies shown in the episode: possibly a reference to the leaps in evolution depicted in these movies? They managed to cram politics and product placement into a short two minute scene, I'm totally not buying a Ford now. Lol at Mulder almost getting a bj. "The truth is in here!" So the actor the played the founder was on Firefly and when he died by bleeding out like that I couldn't help but think "two by two, hands of blue..." Why didn't Scully ever hear the sound?

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They've re-opened the x-files, 24 January 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am a happy camper tonight if only for the fact that I have just watched original content for the x-files since the movie "I Want To Believe" and while I truly enjoyed the movie, unlike many, it didn't stay true to the feel of the TV show. As soon as this episode began however, I felt like I had come home. It was true to the feel, the style, the production, everything I have come to associate with the show. It felt like The X- Files.

The episode starts with a voice over of Mulder describing the history of UFO phenomena, accompanied by clips and video footage of UFOs and different historical events involving the government and mass public witnessing and affirming the existence of UFOs. I don't know how much of this was taken from real reports and how many were fabricated but it's evident that not all of them are real. One of the things I've always liked about The X-Files is how it ties real conspiracy theories into its own purposes of an alien conspiracy.

Parts of the episode consist of flashbacks to the crash at Roswell and the appearance of some doctor whose identity is not revealed, and a man in a black suit, must be the original man in black. The UFO crash site is one of the most incredible sets I've seen on the show to date.

Similar to IWTB, the episode starts by someone trying to find Mulder and doing so through Scully. Scully encourages Mulder to "get out of his little house" so he does and when he actually becomes involved in the investigation she immediately jumps in arguing with him about the dangers of becoming involved, etc. Scully's character never ceases to frustrate.

The mythology moves forward in a somewhat concerning way and is the only reason I have rated this episode a 9 instead of a 10. I'm very concerned about the direction the mythology has taken by saying that there never was an alien conspiracy but that it is a government conspiracy and the aliens are a hoax. This doesn't mesh with several things from the mythology that are already pretty well established, namely the alien bounty hunters, the rebel faceless aliens, and the black oil virus. Granted they aren't positing that aliens don't exist at all, but they seem to imply that the involvement of aliens was simply one of visiting our planet out of concern for our existence after the use of the A bomb, and since then all the UFOs have simply been a cover by our own government as a way to perform tests on its citizens. When Mulder has the conversation with the Old Man, he seems to imply that the faceless rebels are all part of the hoax, calling it "nonsense". This would imply that the black oil, and everything else is all part of the hoax. I'm not buying it and it bugs me that Mulder is buying it. Especially when the thing that seems to suddenly convince him is when Sveta tells him its men who took her. Its not like this is the first time we've seen men working under the guise of alien abductions. Part of the original mythology is that the syndicate was working under the guise to do human tests to find a cure for the alien virus by creating an alien human hybrid. Its not the first time Mulder has been led to believe that everything has been a hoax and he was proved wrong the last time so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Two questions I'm left with at the end of the episode are about who certain characters are in relation to the previous series. Sveta and the Old Man both indicate that they have had previous contact with Mulder but I don't remember either of them from the original episodes.

Tad O'Malley is an interesting character and I look forward to seeing more of his character.

A few observations: - The pencils are still there! :) - Mulder ruined his poster :( - CSM is still alive so does that mean that TLG are still alive too? (they are on the cast list for Babylon) - Scully has a Nexus 6 #nexusmasterrace - Who was helping CSM smoke through his neck? Wasn't the old Indian lady from before... - The countdown began in 2012 but no one knew, so is this how they are explaining the Dec 21, 2012 thing from the finale?

"Fargo" (2014)
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Some roads you don't want to go down... but Fargo is one you do., 2 April 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Rarely does a show pull me in like this one did. I watch a lot of shows that are entertaining enough, but this one has just jumped into my top 10. I loved the movie Fargo and have always been a fan of crime dramas and dark comedies. Each episode of season 1 had at least one or two "oh sh*t" moments and I mean like red wedding or pushing reporters onto train tracks kind of moments. Billy Bob Thornton brings probably his best role ever as the psychopath Lorne Malvo. I loved the many homages to some of the great scenes from the movie such as the "I changed my mind" moment at the parking garage and the money buried under a red ice scraper. This last one and several other subtle hints lead me to believe that these events all take place in the same universe as that of the movie and that there is some continuity from the 1987 story and the 2006-07 story. The soundtrack, the characters, the atmosphere, everything stays completely true to the movie without ripping it off. I absolutely loved the first season and am looking forward to more.

Unbroken (2014/I)
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Angelina Jolie must be incredibly immature spiritually, 19 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I don't get why you would make a movie about such an amazing individual and have the entire focus be on the pain and suffering he had to endure and then throw a two minute thing at the end with a few paragraphs about how he "made peace". I don't know about you but that's the most important part of the story for me. OK so he survived physically, but how did he finally overcome spiritually and mentally? Very disappointed we didn't get any of that in this movie. I only hope the book has more to offer than this movie did. The best part of the movie was seeing Louis at the end as an 80 year running in Tokyo. We missed his entire journey getting to a point of forgiveness and being able to do that.

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Pretty unbelievable and formulaic, 17 July 2014

These shows are always chalk full of people getting goosebumps and saying its ghosts and that is to be expected. What is usually more interesting to me is the scientific approaches and trying to gather some sort of evidence and history to explain hauntings. This show takes all of that and throws it out the window. You have three investigators who come in to check out the home. The home inspector who pretty much walks in a writes everything off as being easily explained, then the weird spiritualist lady who always senses something and coincidentally happens to hit the history on the head even though she supposedly doesn't know about any of it beforehand, and finally the "hunter" team who basically comes in at night and runs around going "did you hear that?" Every episode is the exactly the same. There's even a little voice over sound clip that I'm pretty much sure they use the exact same one for each episode along the lines of "the home inspector is convinced there's nothing unusual, but the family wants an explanation so our spiritual healer lady has been brought to investigate. she has no prior knowledge of the experiences or history of the home." Its exactly the same every time. I've seen 9 episodes so far. They could take footage from the different episodes and totally switch them around to different episodes and I doubt most people would even notice. If there's more to what they do, they sure don't show it on the show.

Audience ruins everything, 30 June 2013

I totally agree that the hysterical audience in this ruins everything. Dane makes some entertaining jokes but that fact that after every stupid thing he says there's 30 seconds of hysterical screaming and cheering... no. This isn't a rock concert its a stand-up show. No stand-up comedy is that good. Stupid. Even Dane has to stop himself in the middle of some of his jokes and wait for the audience to shut up so he can finish. To be fair though... the audience is behaving exactly how an audience at Madison Square Garden should behave. Who does a stand-up comedy show at Madison Square Garden? Answer: douchebags like Dane Cook who think they are rockstars.

"Jericho" (2006)
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The worst of times bring out the best in people, 30 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I really enjoyed this show. It seems like the writers really did a good job of researching what it would be like if the US got hit with nuclear bombs and society broke down. I love the drama that comes out of the situation but I also love the fact that, unlike most shows, the good guys always come out ahead in this movie. Every other show there's some bad guy that gets away with everything and that never gets caught or whatever, but in this show, there is a pretty solid line between the good guys and the bad guys and most of the "situations" are resolved relatively quickly instead of drawing them out for an entire season. For example, in the first couple of episodes with the escape prisoners... I just knew that this was gonna be a thing now in the first season. They'd be out constantly trying to find the prisoners and the prisoners were gonna keep the girl captive for a long time and every scene was gonna be her trying to escape and getting caught again, etc for like 15 episodes until she finally gets rescued. But nope. Jake shows up and shoots them in the face and the story ends there. Thank you so much for killing an uninteresting plot before it got annoying.

Anyway, not everything is always hunky dory in the show either though. Good people die including many main characters. But their stories are so interesting that you live with them. The town goes from regular American town to civil war skirmishes in just 20 episodes. Brilliant! I've heard rumors that Netflix is going to pick the show up for continuation. I only hope it sticks to its original atmosphere.

A Feelgood Thriller...?, 27 September 2012

I first saw this on a bus in Mexico and it left an impression on me. I later forgot about it and just recently saw it on Netflix and rewatched it. I really enjoyed this movie for a couple reasons. I like the element of two people making really stupid decisions and letting their emotions control them and showing how that kind of thing can lead to things getting way out of hand really fast. In one day, two men effectively destroy each others lives because of an initial bad encounter that neither men are willing to move on from. I love the scene later with William Hurt as he shouts at Jackson's character telling him he's addicted to chaos. He should be given credit for the fact that after a cool down period he was about to give the file back, but had he been willing to fix things earlier, the whole mess could have been avoided. As I see it, both men are to blame in the end. That is why I love the ending of this movie. Both characters repent of their mistakes, are willing to accept the consequences, and things for the most part end up fixed and each side is better off.

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Confessions of a 30 year old Mormon dude..., 24 September 2012

As a Mormon guy, like many mormon guys, I went on a mission when I was 19 and I served my two years in Oaxaca, Mexico from 2001 - 2003. As such, I was in Mexico when this telenovela aired on Mexican television. Now in Mexico, maybe its the same in all of Latin America, but they would run telenovelas for 6 months, one episode a day during the week, and that was the entire show. Not like America where you had 13-20ish episode during fall and winter months and that is a season. Also important to know, is that many Mormon families offer to cook meals for missionaries and we had one sister who cooked for us everyday and we would pay her for the meals. As it happened, we would be there everyday to eat right as this telenovela would come on and I also arrived in the area right when the show started AND I was in the area almost exactly 6 months before finishing my mission and coming home to the states. As such, I became absolutely obsessed with this show. The twists and turns and people going from good to bad and bad to good and the forbidden romance between Valentina and Urestes and Norkys Bataista's rocking hot body and so many other things kept me absolutely addicted to this show. There were days that I missed an episode due to traveling on mission duties and the like, but I did my best to always be at that sister's house everyday right at 2pm and we always stayed for an hour. And on Monday's, our preparation day when we didn't work or eat with the sister, I would find a restaurant that was playing the show and sit and watch as much as I could. If I missed anything, the good sister would always fill me in. I went through I think 5 companions in that area and each one of them told me to keep them updated on the plot after they left. Unfortunately however, I ended up coming home about 4 weeks before the end of the show and I never saw the ending. Actually I did catch the final scenes of the last episode years later on YouTube, but there is currently a big fat "gorda" hole in my heart where Valentina and her friends belong and it has been vacant now for almost 10 years.

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