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A Powerful and real look of childhood, 31 May 2001

No matter how cynical you make think this film is, it is very realistic in what our world looks like as children. Dysfunctional families are all around us and we experience neglect very often. A child's point of view of course, is always exaggerated. I can relate to some of what is shown in "The Grandmother." Throughout my childhood my grandmother was the only person i could turn to. My parents talk, and their life during my childhood was very blurred to me. And the horrifying things that happen are more horrifying than they really are as a child. Lynch may have imaged this film out of nowhere, but it still speaks. The use of sound, and animation is powerfully effective. This is a must for Lynch fans!

Eraserhead (1977)
A Fascinating journey into the subconscience!, 31 May 2001

The pace of this film reminds me so much much of 2001: A Space Odyssey. There is no more than two lines in the first 15 minutes of the film. Then as people start talking you wonder WHERE DO THESE PEOPLE COME FROM?! My first viewing of this film was most mesmerizing. C.G. Jung would be very proud of this masterpiece! Stanley Kubrick also said this was his favorite film and he saw over 30 times. It is a tale of confusion, solitude, and alienation. This film isn't for everyone, but i think it the most original work of art in cinematic history. Lynch was way ahead of his time in making this. People these days are more used to seeing this sort of metaphysical and strange material. I can imagine how hard it would be back then to even think Eraserhead had any realistic quality at all. But like most of Lynch's film's, it takes the audience 5-10 years to except his film for their greatness since they are so far out there. Lynch still hasn't made as perfect film as Eraserhead to this day.

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A work of genius!, 31 May 2001

When i saw the Pilot episode of TP for the first time I felt like jumping out of my skin. It was so melancholy, so compelling, and it was the most perfect piece of television i've ever seen! The acting, the mood, the music, the editing, the scenery. the metaphors.What more can anyone ask for? The greatest thing about TP is the mystery of woods surrounding. The Intros by the Log Lady for BRAVO! televison give more insight on the mysteries of TP. Overall, Episode two is when the series really broke through. The first 17-18 Episodes were the most daring and original in Television history. It was so much more interesting than anything else out there. Not even 8 years of the X-Files can make up for even 2-3 episodes of TP. After the Laura Palmer Mystery was solved, the show died off for a little bit. Then after Episode 23 it became much more suspenseful. I still enjoy the last two episodes more than the rest.Its too bad we never really found out what happened to Cooper in the Red Room.