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The American (2010)
A total waste of cellulose
4 February 2011
It is my desire from this review to save people from wasting their money and time watching this lackluster film. Personally I love most foreign films and offbeat movies, but this was horrid. The only redeeming factor was the scenery. The acting was unconvincing and amateurish. The plot was OK but not very refined, it could have been a winner with a few more twists and turns and a little more depth and reality. For example the assassin who tries to kill the protagonist has her face blown off during an Italian religious festival almost in front of the entire town and no one is shocked or even notices. The American then blows away his CIA or Mafia boss, or whoever it is, on the same streets and then casually drives away. I understand the producers are trying to make the movie mysterious or leave some things to your imagination but they failed miserably. Of course they had to throw in the Priest with the illegitimate kid who just happens to have every part needed to produce a sniper rifle in his automobile garage. I wish I could tell Clooney and the offending cast that "They just made everyone who watched this movie a little bit dumber"
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Excellent to see especially if you lived during this period.
15 January 2010
I was indifferent about seeing this interview mainly because I thought it was ancient history and I also felt that it would be a very biased interview against Richard Nixon. However, I ended up gaining a tremendous amount of respect for former President Nixon and in light of the shenanigans that are going on today with President Obama and Eric Holder President Nixon looks like a saint. The interview was extremely tough with no holds barred. Frost acts like a prosecutor and hammers Nixon quite unmercifully. If you lived during this time it will bring up many emotions and feelings. In the end President Nixon comes off as a very honorable man trying to do a job under tremendous pressure.
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Loggerheads (2005)
Deceptive title
10 July 2006
I think the title was very deceptive. Imagine bringing it home for a bunch of 10 yr olds thinking it was a movie about saving turtles and finding out it is a movie that is meant to arouse sympathy for gays and their fight against AIDS. In addition, all the straight men in the film were portrayed in an unflattering manner. The preacher was a stiff intolerant, unaware dolt. The Kure Beach cop (I know most of them and they're great guys) was a nasty bastard. The Marine from camp LeJuene was a thief. However, the two gay guys were caring, intelligent, sensitive, loving, wonderful human beings.

In the movies extras, I think its Kip Pardue that states Kure Beach is full of misfits and outcasts. Holy moly where did he get that from? Its a great town full of wonderful folks. But then he perhaps is comparing them to the Hollyweird types that think its normal for two males to make out and hug and kiss under the town fishing pier.
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