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These are movies one would consider real bad. They are the kind by most to be the F or D grade type movies. It can be also considerd the kind NO ONE WOULD EVER own on DVD or Blu-Ray at all at any price. The ONLY way to do that is if someone is throwing it away. Rent it at a very cheap price to watch, is about it. Maybe just barrow it from the library or just watch it on streaming, with someone else's account. If they give it to you.
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When I say cartoons for all ages even ADULTS, and it don't matter if they are say 28, 38, 43, 48, 50, 58 or 63. I think it OK for adults to watch cartoons. Even adults need to relax from time to time, and NOT think about serious stuff that adults need to. Whether they are a CIA Analyst, college English teacher, commercial banker, a doctor working in a hospital, a doctor working in a neighborhood community clinic part of the city and country system(has no ER, MRI, specialist that goes to the ER when needed and so on. Only for general check up, blood test minor headache, flu shot, minor back pain, little more then the common cold and so on), local TV news reporter, molecular biologist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, military lawyer, civil engineer, software engineer, economist and so on. I'm not talking about cartoons like King Of The Hill, American Dad and the Simpsons, those still have subject and matters adults faces in daily life and at work. It not childish for adults to watch cartoon, or it mean they don't know how to grow up and act their age at all.