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Ripper (2001)
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bad. very bad., 27 January 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Possible spoiler alert. Okay, first thing: How many times do they say "F***" in this movie? I lost count at, like, a hundred. Second thing: This movie was SO predictable. You always know who's the next to die. Third thing: The characters were underdeveloped and terminally stupid. "Gee, according to the killer's profile I'm his next victim. Time for a nice evening stroll in the woods! Alone!" Fourth: Certain scenes in this film were just plain sick. (I was fine until the girl's head rolled away.) Finally, who the heck was the killer?????? Ambiguity is good in moderation, but we need some closure.

To conclude, this movie was a big disappointment. Blood and gore without plot.

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Good for little kids anyway., 17 December 2001

Die-hard fans of the books or the cartoons might not take so kindly to it. But at the very least you have to appreciate the work that goes into making this show. It's an ancient form of Japanese puppetry, and is filmed with a green screen with computer-generated backgrounds added later, making it interesting to watch. The storylines are, as one reviewer put it, rather "fluffy," but you were expecting Shakespeare? The show is targeted at preschoolers. (Actually, there was one episode about Shakespeare, in which the gang put on a play for Owl.)

There are some of differences between "Book of Pooh" and the books and cartoon series. Kanga and Roo were missing for several months, although they do show up in newer episodes. And they brought back Kessie the blue bird, who appeared in two of the cartoon episodes. And I must agree that Rabbit is, for some reason, a lot more bossy than he was in the cartoon series.

Overall, it's a cute show, and little kids will probably like it, although it might be a little too different for those who don't like change.